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Games are so expensive now I've taken to buying them used from GameFly. They're in pristine condition, unlike from GameStop. They're having a sale right now so I finally got GoW: Ragnarok. Free shipping, too!


Happy Martin Day to Mike and any other Martins out there.


Target order I made on Saturday night got here before a lot of people's preorders, which is not a good look for certain retailers.


Amazon has Metroid Prime in stock right now.


This is one of the best pictures I've found on the internet. Apparently it's from a video explaining the origins of meme songs, but this itself should be a meme.


It's too bad Rocksteady wasn't allowed to make a Superman game, because that's obviously what they wanted to make.


Well, I went to two Targets and a Walmart and none of them had Metroid. There was also only one copy of Atomic Heart between them. Not sure what’s going on these days but it sucks.


Uh, was this widely known? If the discs don't contain any actual game data, it explains why my XB1 forced me to download huge "patches" before I could boot a game, and why it took so long to "install" before playing. Why does anybody put up with this?


On the one hand, the Kraken is back. On the other hand, Manta Maria is back!


Bravo to the M&Ms marketing team for naming Maya Rudolph as the replacement for the M&Ms mascots, having her star in a ridiculous superbowl commercial for clam candy, and then immediately announcing that the M&Ms are back unchanged.


It's 2023, so here's a new Linkin Park song.


Sea of Stars is going to be huge. The demo was great!


Will we finally get an explanation for the Iron Man gauntlet? Also, why is this man wearing Hot Topic jeans?


You guys ready to finally see Metroid Prime 4?


Meanwhile, at Nintendo:


There's been a leek for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and you guys are never going to believe what the UI looks like!


The craziest thing just happened. I was going to upload the picture I took of Bigfoot now that it's working again, but the memory card spontaneously combusted as soon as I removed it from the camera! I guess it wasn't meant to be...


I can't believe picture uploading broke right when I captured photographic evidence of Bigfoot in 4k. You guys will just have to take my word for it, I guess!


I just read that two games being developed at The Coalition were cancelled, and they're now just making Gears of War 6. Reminder that they were previously Black Tusk, and working on new IPs for Xbox that were cancelled in favor of Gears of War 4.


Actual edible burger made by me. Unfortunately, when I got home from the grocery store I discovered I somehow grabbed the wrong type ground beef so it ended up being kind of dry and bland. Looks nice, though!


I never thought the day would come where I'd see this avatar in another context. I'm freaking out, man!


New Owl House is up! Bumping this because Dana Terrace says it's not only available in the US but also the UK, Australia, and Mexico. Sorry Canadians!


I sure would love to be playing Fire Emblem: Engage right now, but I bought it using an Amazon gift card and they haven't even shipped it yet...


There's only one studio that makes sense to inherit Halo, and they know the franchise better than 343 ever did.


What's in the box?


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