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Just got this guy in a surprise trade. Unusual tera type, hidden ability, neutral nature, two TM moves... level 45???


Nobody ever talks about how much worse they made Pokemon trading with the Switch games. Wonder trade was instantaneous rather than something that ran in the background, and you used to be able to “list” trades and search for specific Pokemon you wante


Today I was cutting potatoes and the knife sliced right through my fingernail somehow without touching my finger. So that is what I’m thankful for today.


So does the lizard motorbike get a speed boost at some point? It seems barely faster than running...


Once again, I used an Amazon gift card to preorder Pokemon with free standard shipping and I got it on release day.


I would like to ask you guys to please avoid posting pictures of unannounced Pokemon now that the games are out. I've managed to avoid spoilers and it's the first Pokemon game I'm going into without knowing all the 'mon ahead of time since the original.


New strategy I'm trying out in this Splatfest, which is just not playing at all in the first half where everyone is trying to lose on purpose so they don't get stuck on defense in tricolor battles.


I said this about Skyrim when it came out 11 years ago. Who knew it was a strand-type game this whole time!


Another Forespoken trailer, this time focusing on combat. This game looks very inspired by Infamous: Second Son to me, which is great because I absolutely love that game.


I think this might be the best video game commercial I've ever seen. Any of you Canadians see this when it aired on TV?


I too have a candy problem. I moved recently to a neighborhood full of families with children, yet absolutely nobody showed up to take this candy. If only one kid came they would have gotten it all!


This was made by only three people! (animation, fx, music)


People avoiding Forspoken because of the dialogue are really going to miss out because this game looks like a blast.


Are the comments gone on the front page for anyone else? It's just this unclickable button for me between endlessly loading articles.


I waited an entire year for them to put the Analogue Pocket Turbo16 adapter on sale, and now they bundled it with two other ones for triple the price and $30 shipping. Never mind!


Disney was kind enough to upload the new Owl House episode to YouTube. Probably not available in most countries, though.


Everyone please subscribe to SkyCorp. They deserve more subscribers!


I found out that all of DBZ was finally remastered in the original 4:3 starting in late 2020. There's 9 sets, and they're available on Amazon for $30-$40... except the first one which is available nowhere but eBay for $200. The dream is dead.


I was Boxman, but then I reloaded the page and I'm me again!


Who sleeps with full-size cactus next to their bed?


Hurricane Ian to people in Florida right now. Stay safe everybody!


They weren't kidding about the frequency of tricolor battles. I played for about two hours today and it only came up twice as team gear. Everybody complained about defending last time, but it seemed very one-sided towards defense to me. Is it the map?


If you guys want something exciting with incredible animation that's not depressing, check out my favorite anime film: Redline.


I finished Cyberpunk Edgerunners and enjoyed it. Not my favorite Trigger anime,though, because body modification makes me super uncomfortable in general and it was basically the entire focus.


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