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It’d be stupid of me not to take advantage of this, right? I didn’t even sign up!


This is the type of thing you see in anime and think it can't possibly be real, but of course it is.


I don't know who exactly is in charge of the marketing for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but they've made a horrible decision to barely release any information about it. I actually want to buy it after seeing the leaks.


I sat down in the garage and she made herself comfortable on my shoulder.


Since nobody seemed to understand what I meant, I was saying the “metaverse” appears to be nothing more then a massive online game. Second Life, PlayStation Home, Landmark VRChat, etc. It’s technology that’s existed for decades.


The more advanced technology becomes, the stupider it gets. Now the hot new things are .pngs and MMOs. Wow, so impressive.


Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!


Aww yeah! There’s a 10-hour marathon on Friday too!


The time has finally come to have a MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS!


Have you guys ever seen Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa, the greatest Christmas movie ever made?


I bet you’re wondering what’s in this enormous box!


Halo used to be my favorite series, but I never talked about it because it was bad for as long as I've been a community member. It's nice to be able to talk about it now.


Alright, which one of you maniacs bought me all this stuff?


I finished Xenoblade 2 this year, but had actually already played it for 30+ hours. I blasted through the original in under 40 and all the rest of my playtime was spent in Future Connected, which I liked way more. Also, I really loved New Snap!


Excuse me!? Adult Swim is free from the scourge of Family Guy, AND Futurama is back?


I found a hidden arcade machine in Halo Infinite that plays a chiptune version of the soundtrack, and I’ve been listening to it for like the last 10 minutes.


Concepts for Dread Samus. They all look great! Whoever did the art for this game knew what they were doing.


Got to this mission yesterday in Halo Infinite, and this is my new favorite song. Such a great soundtrack! Easily the best one since ODST.


In other hilarious news:


Important question: Newtana or Cor2na


Apparently I’m the only person who doesn’t use Spotify...


No more subtlety for Fire Emblem Heroes, I see.


Cursedmas season is upon us.


I wasn't expecting them to go back go CG intros! Also, this is being streamed simultaneously in like 7 different languages. And in case you are wondering, yes they did in fact cast Kira Buckland as Jolyne.


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