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Final Space has been erased from existence. All traces were removed from official YouTube channels, the Adult Swim website, and HBO Max. They already killed the show, and now this?


I left the My Nintendo Store to go do something else and when I came back, to my surprise, I was on the checkout page. But then when I tried to check out it put me back in waiting room, obviously.


I ain't getting this Xenoblade 3 collector's edition. And neither are you or anybody else. They shouldn't have even bothered making them.


My playthrough of Three Hopes so far.


I'm always impressed how these Warriors spin off games comb through the source material to include every character imaginable. Did not expect to see Monica again. I totally forgot she existed.


I've played Three Hopes for like 30 minutes and there's already two big improvements over Three Houses: The protagonist if fully voiced, and the cutscenes are clearly animated by a different studio because they're no longer choppy.


I moved recently, and discovered there’s an Asian market three minutes from my house. They have fresh meat buns on Friday!


All this talk about Sonic music reminded me that Tee Lopes made a Genesis remix of his own music from Sonic Mania and it fucking ruled.


A bit ago I preordered Wonderlands at Amazon with free standard shipping. They shipped the day before release and it arrived on release day. Wanted to test that again with Three Hopes, and they indeed shipped it today to arrive tomorrow. ^PROTIP


Small Chungus comes for us all eventually.


Facebook has informed me that it's been ten years since I saw Ness in real life while stopped at a traffic light.


Standards and practices from a decade ago.


It was Nomura the whole time!


Persona 3 and 5 have been confirmed for Steam, and Persona 3 and 4 have been confirmed for PS5. Now I can play them!


RIP to Billy Kamentz, THE Ferdinand von Aegir. His career was unfortunately very short, but he had some extremely memorable roles. I hope they dedicate the new game to him!


The Cyberpunk anime is going to be awesome.


It's been hours since I was able to get past the waiting room onto the Xenoblade 3 product page where it was unavailable to purchase. I just got through and it's not even there any more. Just an error page with Wario.


All I want to know is: Can you freely throw the Pokeballs or not???


Started playing Death’s Door yesterday. I just got to a miniboss that has two infinitely respawning minions that follow you around the arena the whole time and it makes me want to quit forever. Whose idea was this?


ANNOUNCEMENT: I have two extra invites to Multiversus that I will put in the comments if anyone wants them.


Won my first match of Multiversus, using Jake in free-for-all mode. I legitimately have no idea how I won. I got one KO and was KOed once, and ended up with nine points. The match was like 90 seconds long.


Gonna share the Amphibia credits in the comments since somebody posted it on Twitter.


Well, Comcast got it together and didn't put the Amphibia finale up early for on demand streaming. They weren't supposed to last week but did it anyway. Guess I'll have to watch live and then miss the end credits because Disney will cut them off.


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