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Who's that Pokémon? It's an origami Dragapult! Despite everything I'm quite enjoying Pokémon. I caught a Dreepy the other day, so I was inspired. This was more complicated than expected, but I really like how it turned out. Designed by "sakusaku858".


I'm really enjoying my time with Persona 5 on Switch! I was worried because I had seen some very awkward localisation in P5, but it seems Royal fixed a lot of that! Still major overuse of the stock phrase "To think..." though. Who says that?


I caved and bought Pokémon (although GF wanted Scarlet, so I got Violet and have to miss out on sexy cavewoman professor), and I found both Persona 5 and Harvestella on sale. Basically, I'll have shit to play for approximately the next year.


For the first time it's actually hard to decide whether or not I'm getting the new Pokémon. Everything I hear is: "It's really fun!" "But the performance is horrible" "But it's really fun though!" "But the performance is still horrible".


Sakurai making a video just to show pictures of his cat. He's so precious!....and the cat is cute too.


Very early (like 1 hour) impressions of Mario + Rabbids 2: I'm liking it so far and it made some interesting changes to the formula. This isn't better or worse than the original so much as 'different'. That said, it does feel a bit more fiddly somehow.


Busy times lately, but it's calming down a bit. Teaching will be done next week (except for grading...). Also, it's still in early stages, but me and my LDR are trying to get back together after a "break". So, have a quokka! (Designed by Anicé Claudéon)


I know I am old and jaded, but I still don't understand why a series whose single memorable plot beat is "Your princess is in another castle" needs to be turned into a movie in the first place.


This is legit part of my research into competition, privacy, and the digital market. Facebook's takeover of Giphy was blocked by the UK authorities because of data issues and market distortion. In response, Giphy's argument for the upcoming court case:


As the world mourns The Queen of England, I'm mourning a very different soul today. Today it's already (only) been 5 years since my dad passed. Lots has happened since, that I wish I could've shared. I'm sure he'd be proud of me; I've come a long way.


I just watched a feature film's length worth of cutscenes in Xenoblade 3, and it was entirely worth it. The hits just keep coming with this game!


Chameleon friend! Designed by Wonseon Seo. Quite happy with how this turned out: the paper is thick enough that the tail actually supports it hanging. Chameleon are fascinating, they're like the Terminators of the animal kingdom. #karmakarmachameleon


Taking a break from XC3 to finish Live-A-Live. Nearing the end, and I've enjoyed it a lot. It does suck that I got spoiled in that stupid coy "Boy howdy I sure hope nothing bad happens to [character X], that would suck!" kind of way. Pic semi-related.


From now on, any time I find some money on the street, I'm going to proudly announce it with: "Whoa, got a RARE doo-dah right here!"


Snuff me, Xenoblade 3 is by far the most complex the series has ever been. Over a dozen hours in (because work T.T) and the game is still stacking on new mechanics. Even XC1's gem crafting (which I never grasped) or XCX's map don't come close. Love it!


Pursuit ~ Cornered goes with everything. And by "everything" I mean "Awful people getting legally dunked on."


I did not expect the Legendary pokes to be Transformers, but I'm here for it. That said, I wasn't waiting for yet another battle gimmick that's just Mega Evolution again but worse. Overall though...big "this could've been an e-mail" energy.


For my friend's birthday, I gave him a Sherlock Holmes boardgame. It's really neat! You follow leads, there's a newspaper that might have clues, and an old-timey map of London. End of day, we uncovered basically everything!...except for the murderer.


It's no secret that I have mad passionate love and/or lust for Xenoblade 1. I liked X more than most, and 2 is a mixed bag. But 3 is going very strong so far! I'm digging the tone; I did not expect this game to open like Starship Troopers.


I'm really feeling it! I'm going in completely blind other than what I can see on the box art. I don't even know the main character's name yet. Let's get stuck in!


Man, I love 16-bit humor. It's so amazing to me how much character you can put into a scene with just movement, a number of exaggerated facial expressions and some clever repurposing of sprites.


A year ago I had barely heard of this game. Today I'm ready to live some lives.


Karp friend! This is obviously more than one piece of paper, but it's still cute. Designed by "Sakusaku858".


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