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Zelda 35: GCN Collector's Edition

When I was around 8 my family got a Gamecube for Christmas. Naturally, we played a bunch of Melee because Smash with your siblings is super fun. After the dust settled I got to dig into the game that was bundled in with the Gamecube, T...


Reviews of games I played Jan 2021

Games I’ve played 2021 Let's keep this going, thanks for reading some or all and let me know if you have any thoughts on the games I've been playing. Can't wait for more in February!   January Dragon Quest XI I love this gam...


Quick scores for all the games I played in 2020

I was able to play a bunch of games this year, and I enjoyed my time with most of them! January Super Castlevania IV 9/10 Castlevania Bloodlines 8.5/10 Castlevania Rondo of Blood 9.5/10 Castlevania Symphony of the Night 6/10 Titanfall ...


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