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I don’t think it will change anyone’s opinion of the MCU (it’s been a decade) but for those that are into it, it cannot be overstated that Ep 4 of Falcon and Wnt. Sold is some of the best work the MCU has ever put on a screen.


Hey fam. Umm. No pretense. We love y’all. This is Etositak’s and I second annual get frakkin wasted and watch the Descendants Day. So just.. hi? Much love. Be well! Happy non denominational zombie holiday/easter to you!


Just gonna amplify this masterpiece since people keep asking about it.


Super late #mashuptoid from one of the Atomic Blonde trailers. Personal Jesus x Black Skinhead. Tis’ fun!


I just described Occams to my wife as “human hair, teeth, and spiritual human positivity. She hates hair and spiders but had mad respect for the notion of such a person. Anyways... I love you dtoid. Hope y’all havin an acceptable rest of your weekend!


After that Tekken reveal I read this as a patch having to do with Poland and thought “cool, what does it do?” Then I came to my senses and now I’m a little disappointed. Ah well.


Umm hi. Blizzard it’s me. Heh no, no we haven’t met. I was just wondering umm... WoW on consoles, when?


F-Zero. Please?


Mutant! Ahhhh! So much fun. IYKYK


This is simultaneously the number I am happiest about and most disappointed in. I didn’t think I’d used it that much. Gonna try to make an active effort this year to get this one higher. Hitman 3 should help.


My boy Cornelius got invited to the cookout! IYKYK Is bueno.


Ayyy! I actually purchased these before the announcement of the new one, but they just came in. So excited! #corpotrash :-P


Phenomenal solo material but this Gorrilaz collab has always been transcendent for me. Much love. <3


AM DRUNK! IS BUENO! (sorry just hyped it’s my first “is bueno” post.) OSC YOU A LEGEND!


Sometimes our baby boy is so stupid he comes all the way around to something not completely dumb and wrong. Broken clocks are right twice a day I suppose. Yes I know this is bluster and b.s. but still, the idea isn’t totally wrong. And that’s a shock.


You will believe what you want. Whether you think CD Projekt Red did nothing wrong (they did plenty wrong), or that Sony pulling Cyberpunk 2077 from the PS store was justified (it wasn’t). The truth is that Cyberpunk 2077 v1.00 is playable on a base PS4


Cyberpunk. Below High Definition screen. No patches. Base model PS4. The truth shall be known to me. Come say hi! Twitch at EtosiGiR Edit:// Hahaha you have to update it to play the disc version?? Well phick. All that for nuthin.


Begin the SUMMONING! spooky!


In the wake of Cyberpunk being pulled from the PS store I will be streaming tomorrow morning (PST) to see for myself if this action was warranted because it’s broken bunk from CDPR, or capitulation to irrationally upset gamers. Twitch @ EtosiGiR


1337 Sybirpink [email protected] Get yer nails did sumthin’ purdy. You’ll be seeing them a lot.


Well... I’m happy.


Is Citizen Kane the Citizen Kane of Citizen Kane’s? I dunno! I’m watching it for the first time now, to find out. Then, on to Fincher’s Menk!


Not my screenshot, but a very happy ninth anniversary to Skyrim and to those who have enjoyed their time in the home of the Nords.


I supposedly just got a perfectly working Hori Flightstick for PS4 for $100 from Amazon. They say the only thing wrong with it is it won’t come in the original box... we’ll see!


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