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You're one of the best friends I've never met. I don't know where I'd be without you. Happy Birthday Occams, I love you. I love you like I love the now-defunct Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue show from Universal Studios.


I'll be a lot quieter on site next week, as the (poorly laid) plan is to move house. We'll see. Regardless, it is the weekend so take care of yourselves and enjoy it. I hope April has treated you kindly thus far, and you are treating yourself similarly x


I thought The Batman was pretty durn good. The final act didn't work for me, but it's a gorgeous-looking movie with some grounded detective work, neat action, and a couple of great performances. Tuturro's Falcone is fantastic.


Hope you have a fine week, yall. Love thee x


Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend and have a lovely evening. Even if you don’t usually visit Whatcha Been Playing, be sure to check out the ‘AfriCola’ ad I posted on this week’s entry… it has an unnerving ‘cursed video tape’ vibe.


Hey friends, have a Happy Weekend. I hope you're getting extra day off becuz Easter. even if you aren't, make the most of the free time you have. Treat yourself as well as I would. Oh, and check out Whatcha Been Playing 2moro - It's colariffic ;)


The perpetual, open, and shameless march to victory from all of the fucking villains is grinding me down, folks. I'm glad that you're good people, and I hope that you are finding distractions, and love, and moments of peace. I am not.


I just had to try it. Flippant results in comments. (Blackcurrant and Carrot, according to the can??)


How are you, friends? I'm tiiiired.


Hope you’re all having a happy weekend, getting rest, be kind to one another, and reading my mini Twitter dissertation on the performance appeal of Scream’s Ghostface


I didn't win a BAFTA. I wasn't even invited to the Kool Kids table. So here I am with a doll of Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms, which I have decided is an award for "Have a great weekend, Destructoid Community, Remember that I love j00" x


Confessiontoid: I made a huge mistake of being passive, open, easygoing with everybody for decades and now people completely exploit, walk over, or lowkey bully me. Happens in every role in my life. I need to turn it around because I’m supes bored of it


Happy belated Birthday to the marvelous Shinkz! Hope it was a fine weekend and that your year ahead is an amazing one, pal :)


It's Friday and that ain't no foolin' I hope that the week has been cool and that the wkend is cooler still. Stay warm and stay funky, be sure to visit Whatcha Been Playin', and remember to be firm in the know that yer boy Moyse loves you. Have a rad one


Happy Birthday to one of our most beloved veterans, GoofierBrute, and Happy belated Birthday to another popular Dtoider Riley1sSpook! Hope you both have/had good days and awesome years ahead. <3


It’s important I learn to stop chasing friendships that aren’t going to happen. Supporting and being amicable with folk who literally give zero shits that I exist. I’m bad at this, and it’s bad for my mental health. I don’t know how to train mys


It’s me, your favorite middle-aged high school senior goth quarterback.


Hope you all had a good weekend. Same deal as before, can a bunch of you visit the FP and reply here with the two most recent articles you can see. Also, did you see Whatcha Been Playing on Saturday? Thanks in advance.


Try refreshing your browser cache in order to update the front page - at least until tech looks at it. Right now that's the best I've got. I'm really sorry for the shoddy technical nature of the site lately


This feels like it's been a crazy long week. I hope that for all y'all it has been a grand one, or at least a good one. Enjoy the weekend. Make sure that you are kind to yourself in some form or fashion. Work continues on the site, expect some oddness x


Happy Birthday to my favorite laydee <3


There's a lot going on under the hood atm, folks, so the site might be a bit fritzy for the weekend, but I'm told people are working on it, and hopefully it'll get tightened soon enough. I just wanted to give you all a heads up...


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