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Thanks for all the pets every weekend <3


I'm very tired, and I'mma keep this incredibly simple. Have a great holiday weekend. Promise me you'll do something cool for yourself and for someone else. Get some rest, have some fun, and thanks for being part of this here community. Love you x


My review for DNF Duel is done. Please keep an eye out for it in the AM, I went a bit long but it’s fine because no one reads the text anyway. Thanks for the support y’all x (EDIT: It's live)


A legitimate graph in The Times today, read it closely. It's getting this bad now, world governments and their media cronies not even hiding the smoke and mirrors.


This is still the best thing Tom Hanks has done.


I ain’t feeling super cheery right now. Rough week ending worse. I hope that you’re all able to rest, find some jou, and enjoy the weekend. Wish we could hang out for drinks and gaming. But be sure to look after yoself and do things you love x


Reminds me of some people I know...


Signed up for a tourney this coming August. Will be my first offline event since 2020, (whether I actually show up or not is another matter). Regardless I got back on Juri Duty.


Horrendous night. Palpitations, night terrors, brain zaps, stomach ache, the works. Barely functioning today, so please wind my key if I simply stop operating.


Can't believe I missed the bday of one of Dtoid's most loyal and loved supporters. Hope that you had an awesome day Patrick, and that this is a really great year for you <3 What did you want for your birthday? And don't say breast implants again.


It's roasting here, (by UK standards) so I'm officially declaring Shorts Season open. Burn your trousers/pants.Have this picture that totally fucking nails my introvert/extrovert inner turmoil with the simplest of body language.


Lordy, what a week. Still, the weekend beckons, and I hope that we all have a restful and/or happy one. I want you to be kind to yourself, because I'm not there to do it for you, capiche? Have a gr8 one. Thanks for swinging on the good ship Destructoid x


My review for TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is up on the front page if y'all wanna take a look at some point.


The weird thing about the U-Haul arrest is that the rioters look like they would've turned up to the Pride march and got the shit kicked out of them. They clearly assumed they'd win os "Queer people can't fight". But they'd likely been crazy outnumbered


Hope y’all having a fine Saturday, pallies. Here’s a picture of yer boy in color for a change. Rock the rest of your weekend <3


'They Call Her One Eye... Then ran for their lives'


Hey folks, I and the crew have a big weekend ahead of us... The beat goes on, after all. But I hope that you are able to find some time for rest, relaxation, and a rad game or two. So much news. Guile's eyebrows. Have a good weekend, love you x


Geoff Keighley and pals presents Summer Game Fest 2022 about to kick off. Join us on the front page for games and talking and looking and headaches and stuuuuff.


I wrote a few words on Street Fighter 6's Luke and Jamie, and the uphill battle they face fulfilling their roles as SF's new 'rival' duo. It's on the FP and if you could check it out that'd be neat. I so rarely get time to write at length anymore.


I'm wearing a charcoal & clay face mask and as it dries/hardens its starting to feel like I'm about to peel my face off like that dude in Poltergeist


Love seeing all of your furry friends :))


Looks like all 22 members of the Street Fighter 6 launch roster leaked. A lotta familiar faces, and a lot of cool-looking new ones. Wrote about it on the eff pee.


Happy (belated) Birthday to lifer Ricky Namara! Thanks for being part of the crew! And here's hoping for a good weekend and a wicked year ahead, bucko :)


Heeey folks! Hope that it's been a good week for all y'all and that you have a happy and restful weekend. If you can't make it a restful one, then be sure to double down on the time you *can* make for yourself. Be kind to yourself, that's an order. <3


We're hosting the PlayStation stream on the front page if yall wanna join in the comments for some chatter. Hope its been a fine day for all yall


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