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Hi buckeroos, welcome to Friday, and one day from the coveted wkend. I've been stupid busy, but I hope that you've had a good week. If it's been shaky, remember we're in this together. You're among pals here, always. Have a happy wkend. Here's a good gal.


Ah'm cleaning up tha streetz


Alpha is an incredible talented and fast working musician. He’s put out so much solid music, contributed the theme to Podtoid, and wrote a cool theme for my own podcast (MIA) It’s a gift that he has and I’m very envious of. Great work dude #Alphatoi


If you'll forgive me for sharing. My friend (not the one pictured) told me the other that I've been 'beaming' since coming out. They said they see it in text messages, the way I'm carrying myself, body language etc... (contd)


We finally hit Friday and I hope that y'all have a marvelous weekend. I'm sure many of you are getting yo' Samus on and that's awesome. But if you aren't, there are so many amazing games, films, and shows out there. So take your pick! love u x


Happy Birthday Mike, I hope its a radical tubular day and the year ahead is a good one for you. Here's the life I hope that you're living:


Fed up. But hope yall having a good start to the week.


The latest Destructoid Draws has been promoted to the front page. Please take a no to check it out and drop a comment if you have the time. So much talent among all yall :)


This is a lil lame because what is a number? But I’m just 4 followers away from the big 500 on Twitter. Would appreciate a follow because I dig round numbers :) you can even mute me if you want :D Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!


Happy Birthday to Cathedral and Derpunkel! Have an awesome weekend and a really wonderful year ahead! Thanks for being part of the Dtoid krew :)


October. Spooky Season! I hope that you all have a great month and weekend. Be sure to rest the ol' noodle and treat yourself to something nice. Even if just a favorite drink or movie. Be good to you. And me. But mostly you x <3


Me and the gang after getting the vax.


Pop-ups are starting to advertise my services.


Happy Birthday to my favorite Supermodel Vampire Shoot-Em-Up Bond woman, Monica Bellucci <3


RIP Takao Saito. Thank you for one of the sharpest, slickest, and most brutal characters in manga/anime history. (So brutal that I had to keep the anime hidden under my bed as a youngling.)


My pal is selling of his anime and video game vinyl. Most of it is gone already but I saw this neat Gundam LP and thought you’d wanna check it out (well, Torch at least) so cool.


Happy Birthday to the lean, mean, germ-makin' machine Gamemaniac, have an awesome year, friendo :)


Sure, I’ve watched a lot of movies, but I’ve never watched ABBA: The Movie


Have a really happy weekend, friends. Be sure to take time for yourself and fill it with whatever makes you happy. We'll be here as always if you wanna hang out. Otherwise, have a good one, and thanks once again for your AMAZING support yesterday <3


Just wanted to say it has been a strange day for me, and I feel a tad weird. But I just *knew* that you'd all come through with to support me. Thank you for making my coming out feel so natural, and so 'right'. You're all awesome <3 Enjoy the Direct.


I'm choosing today to reveal a poorly-kept secret that will surprise no-one. I'm Bi/Pansexual. I've come to understand this in recent years, but never openly embraced it. As my pseudo-family, YOUR support inspired me to open up. I love u <3


Happy Birthday to Dtoid veteran/regular Inquisitive Ravenclaw! Thanks for sticking by us for so long and for sharing all your cool art! Have a wicked year!


I haven't been in a physical fight on over a decade, but I've been a splinter away from 3 in 2 months, the last one being just now, and all 3 involving strangers being random shitheads. Fuses are so short right now. It's all so volatile.


September always has more bdays than I can keep up with, but Happy Birthday to Derpunkel and Cygnus, Thanks for being here and I hope you have awesomesauce years ahead!


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