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Happy Birthday to yer pal Seymour! Thanks for hanging out and keeping the place cute. Have a wicked day and an awesome year!


Hope that you're all enjoying the holiday weekend and you haven't bought too much junk. I picked up a selection of delightful Bloos for bargain price. And that's about it for me. I hope u all have a happy and restful weekend. Remember yer boy loves you x


Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day to all my American pals. Hope you have a rad one. Join us on the FP and share what you’re thankful for in 2022! Love y’all. Pic unrelated.


I have a stonking headache. The Snow. She is coming.


Happy belated Birthday to our dear Willow, thanks for all that you do for our community and for your myriad in-game fashions. Hope you had a wicked one :)


Happy Birthday to our very own Adzuken, Zoey! You are a core part of the Destructoid family and we're so incredibly happy to have you here, have a wicked weekend and a prosperous year!!


It's the w-w-w-weekend! And I hope that yours is a lovely one, filled with fun 'n' games 'n' rest (the latter is for me). Thanks for hanging out this week, and don't forget to wish our gal Adzuken a Happy Bday! Have a wicked one, friends x


You might start seeing some sporadic new faces around here as Destructoid hires some freelancers. These folks have been selected by editorial, so please be welcoming. I know y'all will be, this is just a heads-up that new names will start popping up x


Hope you had an awesome bday, Spiders for Sale. Thanks for sticking around here and keeping it creepy with your eight-legged pals. Have a good one!


Hey folks, just checking in. How are all y'all doing? I hope that life is treating you nicely. Not a whole lot to report... I repaired my kitchen and I still love you all. I guess that's the important stuff. Have a wicked day, folks x


This has been a pretty brain-frying week, work-wise, but it is The Weekend. I hope that all of you have a great one, filled with love, luck, and lollipops. Do everything I wouldn't do, and maybe a little more. Be safe, love yall <3


Thanks to all for their kind comments, and thanks for being part of us here for all these years. It can’t always be perfect, but we do the best we’re able, and I’m real happy that y’all stick with us for the journey. Have a wicked day y’all <3


Happy Happy birthday to our favorite robot gal, Descruff! Have a wicked one! <3


Hey folks, Just taking a quick minute to wish all y'all the very best for your weekends. It's my bday tomorrow, so please give me the gift of enjoying your Saturday, and eating a delicious treat! :p Have a wicked one <3


Feel like pure shit just want her back…


Y'all ain't ready for my takes when it comes to movies. More accurately, I'M not ready for anyone to suggest that I'm wrong. It's better for us all if I just leave. Still, Fuck everything about Ready Player One, amirite?


Overwatch is one of my favorite games of all time. Maybe my favorite. I got no drama saying that. But so far OW2 has been a thoroughly joy-free experience. It's not the tech - but the players are dreadful, the team sync is gone, and DMG is too high


It's my birthday on Saturday. Please join me on the FP for a birthday edition of Whatcha Been Playing? And remember to buy yourself a cake to eat and this weekend <3 It'll be quiet for me here, but it would be neat for yall to eat somethin' rad on the day


This is one of TWO trays I packed out for Trick or Treaters. It's torrential and nobody came. I can't fucking eat all this.


‘I know all the secret places… Would you like one?’ Happy Halloween, good buddies, what are your plans for today? Party? Trick or Treating? Horror marathon? Watch out for razor blades in candy bars that literally nobody has ever done.


Hey folks, I have a lot to do and a house to dry out so flying visit. I hope that y'all have had a good week, and that the spooky wkend brings you fun 'n' rest. Are you doin anything for Halloween? I'm goin to a party for first time in decades :o


*BUMP* For those not seeing the "Join the Conversation" button on mobile (which opens comments), try clearing your browser's cache. Button should appear white text on red. As people are asking, I don't know if this is permanent, investigations ongoing x


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