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Happy Belated Birthday to our burger buddy Tater! Hope that you've had a happy weekend and that this year is a great one for you. Thanks for being a welcome part of our dear community.


It's F-F-F-Friday. The living is easy/sleazy (delete as appropriate). I hope that you all have a lovely, happy weekend. We should all have something nice this wkend. A good drink, a good donut, a good sandwich... Just be kind to yourself. You deserve it x


Sorta bummed out about games, and Destructoid, and life, and me (but not you, obviously). I hope I push past this muddy unhappiness soon. At this moment it’s all feeling a little draining and a little pointless. (Unrelated pic to offset mood)


If I’d known it was national maid day I woulda dressed up for y’all. Maybe next year…


Happy Birthday to our boy Torchman. I hope that you have a very fun day and that this year is a very happy and productive one for you. Keep it real robobuddy. Here’s a gif from that anime you love x


I hope your week has been free of setting off security alarms that you had been told were disconnected and do not have the code for, unlike mine. Also, hope that you and yours are doing well and that you have a Beautiful Weekend. I still love you x


I just bought a complete stranger a bottle of juice because she couldn’t afford to pay for both milk *and* juice for her kids. Her card was declined… This sounds like I’m going for a medal/clout, but honestly I’m just really mad at the country.


I missed it because I was allegedly ‘off’ this week but Happy Belated Birthday to the wonderful, friendly, and supportive Sam van der Meer. You deserve a fabulous year ahead and I hope that you get one, buddy.


It has been a literal week. Literally. It's been 7 days. And I hope that they have been happy ones. If not, I hope that this weekend affords you some joy, rest, or good times. Make it work for you however youre able - like this lil lady. Love thee x


Just a quick note to say hope yall having a good week x


My house move is going uber-slowly cos I hurt my back (ironically not while moving) but I rarely get time off so I gotta use the time wisely. Hope that you’re doing ok and having a good week so far x


You're one of the best friends I've never met. I don't know where I'd be without you. Happy Birthday Occams, I love you. I love you like I love the now-defunct Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue show from Universal Studios.


I'll be a lot quieter on site next week, as the (poorly laid) plan is to move house. We'll see. Regardless, it is the weekend so take care of yourselves and enjoy it. I hope April has treated you kindly thus far, and you are treating yourself similarly x


I thought The Batman was pretty durn good. The final act didn't work for me, but it's a gorgeous-looking movie with some grounded detective work, neat action, and a couple of great performances. Tuturro's Falcone is fantastic.


Hope you have a fine week, yall. Love thee x


Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend and have a lovely evening. Even if you don’t usually visit Whatcha Been Playing, be sure to check out the ‘AfriCola’ ad I posted on this week’s entry… it has an unnerving ‘cursed video tape’ vibe.


Hey friends, have a Happy Weekend. I hope you're getting extra day off becuz Easter. even if you aren't, make the most of the free time you have. Treat yourself as well as I would. Oh, and check out Whatcha Been Playing 2moro - It's colariffic ;)


The perpetual, open, and shameless march to victory from all of the fucking villains is grinding me down, folks. I'm glad that you're good people, and I hope that you are finding distractions, and love, and moments of peace. I am not.


I just had to try it. Flippant results in comments. (Blackcurrant and Carrot, according to the can??)


How are you, friends? I'm tiiiired.


Hope you’re all having a happy weekend, getting rest, be kind to one another, and reading my mini Twitter dissertation on the performance appeal of Scream’s Ghostface


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