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Popping back in to at least finish the cosplay story I’d been writing about in WBP? It was a hit at EVO, people said kind things and took lots of photos. Can’t believe I pulled it off. I still love you x


Habits are hard to break. For the last time? Honestly idk. This has been the worst week of my life, but, as always, wish you the best for your wkend. Hope you have happy & loving ones. I still love all y'all. Always will x


Nothing is gained by me posting this here, but you’re my family. And It fucking hurts So Much. I feel like a horse that won championships, got a gammy leg, so was led behind a barn and shot by his own trainers. Years of devotion pulled away in seconds


I love all of you. I need you to know this. I did before I started here. And I’ve never ever taken you for granted. I would have written for you forever. I’ve been crying all day. I can’t stop. I’m devastated. This is the worst day of my life


They fired me. And locked me out. I can't even access the front page to say goodbye. What am I supposed to do? WHat do I do tonight? or tomorrow? This isn't a joke, they fired me it took 10 seconds


Whatcha Been Playing is struggling a little this week. I generally don't comment beg but if you could stop by it would be neat. I hope y'all having a good weekend. Mine kinda isn't working. The brain is beating the shit out of me. I still luv U, ofc x


Friends, 'Tis the weekend, and while I'm not entirely sure how I feel about tings rn, I DO know that I want you to have an awesome wkend, where you'll be kind to urself, have tons of fun, and get some solid YOU TIME. If you have love to spare, gimme <3


Some of the sites across the network of offering False Positives on virus software, the tech folks are looking into it. Hope y'all doing ok this week.


Happy Birthday to Destructoid regular and great pal PatBateman! Thanks for being such a strong supporter of the site, and such a great dude in general. Hope you're enjoying the weekend and that this is an amazing year for you. Much love <3


It has been A Week. Pretty darn relentless. But I painted my nails and Im ready for the weekend. It's a three-dayer too so let's go. I need the break 100% and speaking of which, I hope that you get quality RnR. Have fun, be safe and remember I wuv joo xxx


I’m depressed and I don’t know how to fix my current problems, so I broke out the paint box and choose vulgarity


It’s too hot for him to break into my house today. I’m saaaaaad today. Hope you’re doing ok x


Flying visit, friends. In the middle of the usual Summer steamroller, so up against it. But I hope you have a happy and fun weekend. Enjoy the streams, chill out, be cool. I hope that life is treating you as kindly as I would. Love U x


Dhalsim super cheesed me out with zoning Game 1, so I got super frustrated and sloppy next games, got the job done but what a mess, lol. Except for that sweet air throw read.


Have a wicked weekend, all y'all, glad Qposts got fixed. I haven't had a day off in weeks, but this weekend will be donuts and SF6. I hope the game stresses me out less than SFV over the coming years. Hope y'all dig it. Love all y'all x


Andrew of our support team seems to have fixed the community section again (including logins) and notes that he has added code that should hopefully prevent it from ever entering Read Only mode again. Appreciate your patience, folks. Pic unrelated


I’m glad qposts and cblogs are back for you folks. I hope this will offset the Crushing Unhappiness and Physical Pain I’m dealing with. Btw SF6 review coming tomorrow and I done fucked it through stress. Ggs


The old gray mare she ain't what she used to be.


Hey folks, Hope that ur all enjoying a happy and restful weekend, and ur filling your spare time with either rad shit that energizing, or equally rad shit like simply staying in bed, eating ice cream. Either way, the point of the day i radness x


Hope y'all had a great weekend and that this is a happy and enjoyable week for you. Have a wicked one, friends x


Howdy folks! I'm not so good. Gout has kicked the tar out of me all week and I'm sick and in pain. But the weekend brings rest and hope. So please send some my way, but, of course, have an awesome couple of days and enjoy Zelda if you're playing. Love U x


I spent most of my weekend stressing HARD about work. Not healthy :( I did watch Dungeons & Dragons, which is painfully derivative but has a lot of heart and fun worldbuilding (If you can stand the 100 MPH quippin'). I hope you had a better one.


What an exhausting week, metaphorically and literally, but it is the weekend, and I hope that all of you are not only surviving, but thriving. Get some well earned rest and be kind to yourselves. And remember I love thee, always x (Reprint cos gif broke)


What an exhausting week, metaphorically and literally, but it is the weekend, and I hope that all of you are not only surviving, but thriving. Get some well earned rest and be kind to yourselves. And remember I love thee, always x


‘Hello I’m here to complain about the difficulty curve in Gun.Smoke (1985)’


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