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As the migration of Destructoid and various other websites continues, there will be a few minor irritants that we are aware of, but cannot free up the new tech team for just yet (like FP thumbnails) Please bear with us, pals <3


Sorry I haven't been around the Qposts lately. A lot going on and a lot to be done. But I still pop in and read all, I just have very little to add right now, bread-related or otherwise. Salutations, pals x


Hope y'all have a good weekend. Take care of yourselves and be sure to grab as much fun and/or rest as you are able.


I’m trying to get myself invited to a Halloween party this year because I want to go as Rose the Hat.


As Qtoid is hosted on an alternate legacy site, there may be some tech issues and a lot of spottiness with its status for a time. Hang tight, we’ll do our best to keep you informed as and when site migration progresses. Apologies for the inconvenience x


Happy Birthday to Destructoid's resident science nerd and beloved veteran member Gamemaniac. You're a good dude and you mean a lot to us, pal. Thanks for being here and have a wicked day x


Happy Birthday to one of Destructoid's most-loved veteran members, InquisitiveRaven! Thanks for the sjoy and support you bring the community, and hope you have a great weeekend and an awesome year! <3


On the road so have to stay short and sweet for now. But I hope that you all have a lovely weekend. Look after yourselves, get some rest, have some fun, and remember Moysey loves ya x


I'm gonna be at EGX next few days. I doubt many folk here will be there but just saying in case anyone is around. Gonna play some Sonic, take photos, and spend a whole day welded to the new build of SF6, which has muh gurl <3 First expo since COVID tho


Probably gonna get to play sf 6 Juri this week, so I did some juri nails!


What a busy busy news week it has been. Hopefully the weekend will give us all a little breathing room. I hope that you all have a happy and awesome one, and that you find the time to do fun stuff for yourself, and maybe others too. Love thee x


Yer boy covered the headlines from this morning's Xbox Tokyo Game Show stream, so maybe stop by and take a look on the FP. Fanks folks x


Hope you had a good weekend and that this is a pleasant week for all yall x The rejected title for Scooby-Doo was originally 'Who's S-S-S-Scared?'


As some yall may know, this week did not go my way and I got Very Bad Brains. It got a lil' shaky. I'm not through it yet, but it is the wkend, and I'm really looking forward to some games and movies. I hope you fill yours with lots of fun and love too <3


We got at least a month of this daily shit ahead


Ah’m struggling. Bad. broken brain kicked into high gear last week, and it just won’t decelerate. I cannot cope today. It’s too much weight. Edit: Thanks for your responses. I’m with a friend right now. X


Tubthumping by Chumbawumba was written after the singer spent an hour watching his old man neighbor stagger home drunk and repeatedly fail to open his front door, singing old tyme songs and repeatedly falling and dropping his keys. True story.


Have a good weekend everyone. I hope it's a three-dayer for you. I don't have a lot else for you today, but I hope its a good one and I love you x


I'm depressed and I nearly got a tattoo of Dusa with no planning, research, or forethought. I didn't, fortunately. But now I probably will later in the year.


Happy Birthday to devoted community member and all-round good pal hlarge! Thanks a ton for being part of the good ship Dtoid and here's to a wicked day and year for you x


Me and Dusa seeing out the weekend that went way too quickly and didn’t involve enough free time for me :/


Longu Week. But now it's Friday, and I hope that you all have an easy time getting over the finish line to the weekend! Whatcha got planned? I'm back on my Hades bullshit - still got a lot of demony problems to solve. I hope that you have a wicked one x


Hey folks, I wrote a feature about the Killer Klowns movie. It’s in the fp now an’ I’d appreciate it if you got the chance to take a look at it. x


My favorite bit of Gamescom was this dragon in bondage tbh


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