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I’ve played about 7 hours of Gotham Knights since getting it on Black Friday sale & I can’t get over how boring the gameplay loop is. The story is okay but the gameplay between cutscenes is SO tedious that I find myself wanting to stop playing.


Chonky old freeloader who’s recovering from a UTI. #Caturday


Game award season is upon us again and so I put forward this “category” for all to discuss: Your biggest gaming disappointment in 2022 is… I’ll kick things off in the comments.


Lots of finger pointing on social media re: the technical state of Pokémon. Could people just admit both views are true? Game Freak is bad at optimization AND the Switch is in dire need of a more powerful successor.


I’ve put about 5 hours into Sonic Frontiers so far and it’s just not clicked for me yet. It’s technically sound, but the whole package feels less than the sum of its parts. The camera and floaty jumping is infuriating though.


Put Golden Eggs in the basket whenever you are able but good luck completing your shift because


How many iterations of this very same headline will it take before Microsoft finally admits 343i is the problem and takes meaningful action? Literally the SAME mea culpa after every game since they took over.


Even though I've already done early in-person voting, this Carlin monologue feels particularly more relevant than ever this year.


Living where cannabis is legal & widely available, I get to play the "Is that a skunk or did someone blaze a bowl?" game every day. Sometimes it's an easy answer when my neighbor launches clouds that drift around my house & I hear him lose a lung.


Feeling good, might go paint a fence or something, idk.


Someone hacked Splatoon 3 to unlock gear that is otherwise unobtainable. He then shared that gear through the in-game ordering system. When I pointed out acquiring said gear is likely a TOS violation w/potential consequences, I was downvoted to oblivion.


After years of suffering I finally got serological tests to check for gluten issues. Positive w/a high number of antibodies. Doc now wants to do an endoscopy to see if it's Celiac disease or just significant intolerance. Also a full thyroid panel. Bleh.


With both MS and Sony pushing their primary franchises to PC, I think this will be the last console generation I buy. Consoles used to be a trade off of value/convenience, but when I tally how much I've spent this generation, PC comes out ahead.


I've run into people in Splatoon 3 already wearing the new amiibo gear. Apparently all the new amiibo data has been ripped and shared. I also learned people were using a hex editor (Shiverbot) to mod money and ability chunks and they're getting perm bans.


Very disappointed to read Hellena Taylor’s latest tweet thread. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt given the industry’s poor history but she’s all but admitted she deceived everyone by changing her story. A lie by omission is still a lie.


I didn't see this brought up anywhere before but for those interested the application for Student Loan Debt forgiveness went live this morning. Just a simple form to fill out, don't even have to login to the site. Link in comments.


Apparently Gotham Knights will run at 30fps on every console for reasons. No performance options will be available on any console. That’s a massive OOF. Everything about this game raises all the red flags to wait until it’s on deep, deep sale.


My love of the Splatoon games comes, in part, from childhood nostalgia. This is the spitting image of me circa 1989. Gangly, greasy short hair, obsessed with Oakleys & Chucks, wearing overpriced graphic shirts from Spencer's and cheap K-Mart tube socks.


I’m such a brand whore. Zekko squid for life. Now that I have my badge, I can stop wasting my in game coin. I don’t even want to think about how much I spent to get this (there’s only 9 pieces of Zekko brand gear currently in game).


It’s been out a month and after playing it quite a bit I stand by my review: Splatoon 3 delivers QoL updates the series needed at the expense of years of content & balancing. Playing 2 feels like a more complete & enjoyable, but less fancy, experience.


While waiting in the Overwatch 2 queue, I made some adjustments to my Splatoon character's Toni Kensa "advertisement". Is it sad I had more fun doing this than I did playing the two matches of OW2 I managed to get before it crashed?


The ambient music that plays behind the Overwatch 2 login screen reminds me of leveling in Dark Astoria in City of Heroes. IYKYK.


In my defense, I was bored and left unsupervised with my second favorite video game of all time: Adobe Photoshop.


After hundreds of Turf War matches, I'm convinced Splatoon 3 has some kind of hidden "catch up" mechanic for losing teams. It's the only thing that explains some of the last minute oddities. Also, someone should take this ink stamp away from me.


Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3 continues to be a hot mess, assuming you can even get into one. All this needed to be was a 4/4/4 mode not a gimmicky Anarchy Battle Lite that is SO stacked against defenders they don't even want to play. (More in com.)


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