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Just a random test post


A Chronological playthrough of Metroid (part 2/9)

It has been more then a week since I made my first post about this playthough I am making and I finally completed Metroid Prime. It took a bit longer then I expected due to real life shit and because I did not play it that long on a sing...


A chronological playthrough of Metroid

A few days ago I have decided to play through all the main Metroid games in chronological order, starting with Metroid: Zero mission and ending with Metroid: Fusion. There are actually two main reasons for doing this. The first being tha...


What you pay for your games

It has been a while since my first attempt at blogging here on Destructoid but here I am trying it again, this time on a very different matter and that is the price you pay for your PC games or rather the lack of difference between differ...


My adventures through the world of piracy

This I my first attempt at blogging on Destuctiod, I have been planning on doing it for a while now and I finally found the right time to get started. I thought I may just start by getting my piracy out of the way first. When I was st...


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