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I know what we'll be playing during this years festivities. A big thank you to my secret Santa for the game and a film to go with it :) Happy Holidays everyone.


I have been enjoying God of War in my free time but lord knows everyone in all my feeds except here are just posting straight spoilers without a filter. That said, thank you all for not ruining my run during my fleeting time off.


For The Record

Sometimes it takes you a while to come around on something.   When FFRK was first announced I was very skeptical of it as an actual game. At the time I was very much against micro transactions in any game. This also came after the...


Big thanks to my Secret Santa, I absolutely love the shirt!


Massive thanks to my secret Santa for the gift. It's actually pretty hard to come by good Godzilla merch in my town. A quick iron and it'll be good for Christmas day.


I cannot express in proper detail how excited I ma to finally see Sepheroth in smash.


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 27: Elegy

Songs much like masks were a very fun, but seldom used mechanic with only a select few that really mattered or had use beyond a couple of encounters or very specific situations. It’s a shame because some of them are really cool. ...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 22: Temples

Dungeons in Zelda games have changed greatly though the years. While the mobile titles have opted to get a bit more complex and thematic (while still holding the same general design) 3D Zelda titles have been moving forward to more org...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 19: Guardian

Surprises are a difficult thing to pull off properly in games. Poor execution can make it predictable which ruins the surprise or the event itself is unfitting and not fun. Thankfully From Software has a lot of experience in this kind ...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 18: Neighborhood

Nearly Three decades have passed and the closest we ever got to having something like Zombies Ate My Neighbors was Death Road to Canada.   Evening of the Undead: Zombies Ate My Neighbors   Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed ...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 17: Closing Time

Say what you will about the franchise and the direction it has taken over the years. There is no denying that it much like PT has shaped a lot of games over the past decade. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Main theme I would like to ...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 16: Tar

Horror doesn’t always come at the pointed ends of a monster’s teeth or by the hand of a nigh unstoppable force. Black Tar: Hotline Miami 2 I spoke about this one before, mostly about the scene itself in the game. Of course ...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 15: Survive

I was willing to give this a chance mind you. I know survival games are a dime in a dozen but I can’t say I wasn’t interested in fighting a few zombies in a game like Metal Gear Solid 5. Metal Gear Survive: Enter the Fog I...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 14: Kreepy

The thing I find the most interesting about this IP is that this happens to be the only open world game they made. After this they go back to 2D style games (well received mind you). Gloomy Galleon: Donkey Kong 64 Donkey Kong 64 may b...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 12: The Gaol

Typically when it comes to matters of entertainment, I’d rather enjoy something new than spend that time revisiting older material. Once I’ve gone through something the return on my enjoyment drops off drastically in most c...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 10: Seaward

Not sure how this slipped under my radar. Certainly not terrifying but it fits the season really well. What I don’t understand however is why this track for this place?   Seaward Cave: Pokemon Sun/Moon   The most notab...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 9: Festivities

Though it’s still early October it’s nice to see people on my street are still decorating for the holidays. It adds a bit of charm and levity in a time where most people are otherwise down considering a certain illness rela...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 8: Silent

While considering yesterday’s musings on Resident Evil 7 there was another game that wasn’t far from my thoughts. P.T. I will never cease to be salty about the decision Konami made to cancel P.T. The more I look at it; the...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 7: Family

By a large margin this one is my favorite game in the horror genre. Resident Evil 7: Welcome to the Family (son) RE:7 just gets a lot of things right in my opinion. Chief among them is the fact that RE:7 doesn’t handicap the pla...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 6: Chase

Resident Evil 2 Remake: T103: Mr. X It took me quite some time to consider the choice of either Mr. X or Nemesis for their chase theme as both titles sound rather similar between the 2 remakes. While I do love Nemesis a lot I have to ...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 5: Dome

Custom Robo Battle Revolution (GCN): Mysterious Medicine My introduction to the series was in middle school at a friend’s house but I wouldn’t actually play through the game until High School. This series is criminally und...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 4: Haukke Manor

FF14: The Maidens Lament One of my favorite parts and dungeons of Final Fantasy 14: A Real Reborn. This plays in a few different areas but you’re likely to hear it for the first time in Haukke Manor. The dungeon itself is wonder...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 3: Haunting

Continuing from yesterday’s post Super Mario 64: Big Boo’s Haunt There is just something about classic Nintendo games, especially on the Nintendo 64 that really push the boundaries of their E rating. Having completed my 12...


31 Days 2020 Edition Day 2: Wet/Dry

There is a lot of horror to found in Super Mario 64, but this one is one of the uncannier choices. There has been a lot of talk about Super Mario 64 between the huge mega leak and the remake as well as the “Iceberg” video. ...


31 Days 2020 Edition: Safe

The world may quite literally be burning to a crisp as you’re reading this because it is that kind of year. Even so it pays to remember the good we do have in these trying times. A roof over our head, food in the pantry, and peop...


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This is a commission I had done for me by Inquisitive Ravenclaw. You should check out his site if you like the following piece

Link: https://theunknown1-arts.tumblr.com

I also got a musical piece made for me by the incredible Alphadeus. A little history behind this:

My musical piece came as part of the Songs for Gamers album DLC pack 02. Alphadeus has been making songs for the members of the destructoid community for years already. This past year he opened submissions and I applied. For my meagre efforts I received this lovely piece:

You can find him on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFs2UhJYPVITYWCiqMk-z3w

He also has other venues listed on his profile here, take a look if you are so inclined:

The community is full of people with all kinds of talent and I'm very pleased to be a part of it along with all of you (yes, you too fair reader).