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Finally caught COVID. Or perhaps it's COVID that caught me?


I just realized that the soundtrack for Far: Lone Sails was almost certainly inspired by the music of Philip Glass. I learned this by listening to Philip Glass. I am now a fan of Philip Glass.


Seen in a conference room. I have the sudden desire to break it to see if there's some money inside.


Missed opportunity to call it Threenoblade Chronicles, right?


Just played through the intro of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and wow. Monolith Soft is at the top of their game.


I was planning to finish Torna before starting XC3, but geeeeez this community mechanic is tedious. Might just YouTube the cutscenes...


The first episode of The Rehearsal on HBO was just as good as I hoped it would be. Go watch it!


Been watching through Nathan for You again in anticipation of Nathan Fielder's new HBO series. It's mind boggling how ambitions that show was. Super stoked to see more of his brilliant ideas come to life. *Bump* New trailer in the comments!


Looking through restaurant menu prices from two or more years ago on Yelp is depressing. A BBQ mix plate from L&L Hawaiian BBQ cost $10.95 two years ago, now it's $19.95!!


Looking through restaurant menu prices from two or more years ago on Yelp is depressing. A BBQ mix plate from L&L Hawaiian BBQ cost $10.95 two years ago, now it's $19.95!!


Steam summer sale starts tomorrow. But I have plenty of games in my backlog, so I won't buy anything. Right? ...right?


Open world Final Fantasy XVI


I think I enjoy running this Twitter account far more than anyone else enjoys reading it, and that's OK. I crack myself up.


I've gotten so political over the last few years that in some ways, I'm more excited about the January 6 hearings today than not-E3. It would be a different situation if there was an actual E3. Or if there was a Nintendo Direct this week.


Finally wrapped up my playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered, and I'm on to Future Connected. I can already feel the difference in design maturity here. Trimming the fat, making meaningful changes to systems, and encouraging more exploration.


I don't really care about football (American or otherwise), but I have to admit this is pretty rad.


That's Elden Ring wrapped up. I did pretty much everything I wanted to do, including letting someone else named LetMeSoloHer solo Malenia. I probably could have done it after enough practice, but who has the time? On to finishing Xenoblade.


Today's soundtrack is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'll never get tired of this OST, and I'm so excited to hear the new one in July.


Oooooooh noooooo E3 2022 has been cancelled. Somewhere, deep underground, Geoff Keighley is chortling.


PSA: Tonight's Elden Ring patch has added merchant icons to the map!


Here's a #Caturday photo before the day is done. My cat is a weirdo and loves laying like this.


Paid for my Steam Deck. Very excited to give it a spin when it arrives!


ATTENTION MEN: I don't know if you heard, but apparently there's a dating website with a worrying lack of men. What's the opposite of a sausage fest? A clam bake?


Apparently scratched Wii U discs can't be repaired because the data is so close to the top layer of the disc. Pretty bummed, because I thought my Wii U was broken but I'm starting to think it's just scratches on a few of my (favorite) Wii U games...


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