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Whoops, my nephew just doused my old Switch in root beer about a week after I handed it down to him. Thanks for justifying my OLED Switch purchase, I guess; now I can just laugh at it instead of being furious. Sucks to be him though.


I'm finally getting around to playing Night in the Woods, but man I'm having real trouble mustering up the mental fortitude. It's like a wrecking ball to my dry spaghetti bridge of happiness. It good tho


Finally finished Metroid Dread. Naturally, when I stopped playing it six months ago, I stopped almost immediately before the last boss.


Easily the best thing to come out of the direct is everyone teasing it about the amount of farming games


Going to PAX for the first time in nine years, and the first time I'll be going without Destructoid events to look forward to :( Anyone else planning on going?


Music from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire would fit right in a Metroid game.


It's that time of the year again where I get extremely excited about Dwarf Fortress for about 10 hours before I get bored and forget about it for months.


Today is my last day at a manufacturing job I've been at for 14 years to start a software engineering job I feel horribly unprepared for (despite it being entry level). Lots of hard goodbyes today, and nebulous fears for the future.


Semi-committed to going to PAX Prime this year, my first since 2012. Anyone else planning on going?


Collector's Editions for video games are so silly, imagine paying obscene amounts of money for ridiculous branded tat. Anyways, check out this neat pen that had the name of a 30 year old game series slapped onto it. It costs ¥20,000 and I really want i


Made a little macro keyboard, mostly because I wanted a 3D printer/Arduino project. But at the very least it'll be nice for spamming emotes at the next GDQ. Or maybe if I ever get around to giving streaming a shot.


Finally finishing up the New Years cards, AMA


Heads up/apology for people still waiting on New Year's cards. Classes started, and I lost momentum in getting everything set out. Hopefully will have them sent out in the next few weeks and again, sorry it's taking so long.


Ode To Great Video Game Theme Songs


Oh, you're a gamer? Which model of teletype did you use for your Advent output?


Still waiting on some address for the New Years card. If you signed up for one and haven't DMed me a shipping address, please do so.


Sending out cards tomorrow. If you haven't already, please DM me a shipping address if you haven't already. Still plenty of cards, if you want one.


Starting to mail out the New Year prints. Late, natch. Check out my Cblog if you haven't claimed a print yet, check out your DMs if you have (and didn't request color, those are a bit later). BUMP


Cblog is up GO GO GO - Alright, let's get this New Years print thing going. Because the quality of these prints vary WILDLY, and I only have about 20 of them, I'll put up pictures and they'll be first come first serve. Come back here around 10 AM MST.


A 2022 Destructoid New Years Print

Here we are again.  A little New Years gift to remind myself that it still feels good to make art.  Let’s just jump into it, shall we?   What is this? This year I made a linocut print.  It is a form of relief...


Printing New Year cards, AMA


Final design before I start cutting


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