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Quick notes on F.I.S.T in comments (PS4 Pro w/ssd)


Happy birthday Dere! Today is the only day I will not judge you harshly. Unless that's what you wish for...


Happy birthday Retro! I'd wish you a good Blaster, but I hardly know her!


Happy birthday Hlarge! May your big boy pants be even bigger from now on, but not in, like, an unflattering way. Shit, this got awkward. I should have just posted a gif.


Metroid Prime 2D fan game has received a C&D from Nintendo, not surprising since they, you know, released a demo. Personal mini-conspiracy theory I don't actually believe: fan devs do this when they want to move onto a new project.


Dex is $1.99 USD on the Switch eShop for the next 12 or so days. Definitely worth checking out at this price point, I'm having a good time with it, even if the combat is a bit clunky atm.


I was feeling Disco Elysium until I failed to impress a small child with my detective skills, quit my job and became a hobo, and got a game over. Now I'm REALLY feeling Disco Elysium.


It isn't my thing, but this is your monthly reminder that today is Bandcamp friday! I'm finally gonna support some artists, but I need recs! I'm looking for something synthwave, in the vein of Pertubator or Dance With the Dead!


Happy birthday Gaj! (You knew this was coming)


Happy birthday TheIntern, I left you an early birthday present a few days ago in the form of an Amazon review of your book!


So at 35 I've gotten a library card as an adult so I can get free audiobooks and also give Audible the biggest middle finger, then I realized that most libraries don't carry every book ever. So now I'm listening to bad vampire fiction. This is really fun.


So, uh, hypothetically, if one were to try and get into the Metroid series, which game would you start with?


AMC and GME are surging, if you have been doing the #gamestonks thing. I am finally not underwater with my AMC buy in.


Happy Friday, 'toiders. Go out and get smooched soon, if you and your smoochee are both vaxxed. Be good to each other.


Okay, I finished episode 1 of Invincible. Holy. Shit. That is all.


Happy 4th you beautiful bastards.


Watched Mortal Kombat. Definitely trash, but at least enjoyable trash. If you can see it for free (or free with a sub to HBO) I'd say go for it.


What is a word that you feel like should be on UrbanDictionary but isn't? Mine is Junkscaping.


Happy birthday Occams, you horrifying and empathetic hobbyist Tooth Fairy. Also happy birthday Jason, who I cannot describe as verbosely.


Everyone, I just want to express how much better 4/20 is than 4/1. Today is dank memes and chill vibes, 4/1 is looking at everything twice in a suspicious manner, then googling it for veracity, then wondering if what you googled is also a 4/1 prank.


Damn it feels good to have new XIV content.


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The contents of this blog are opinion-based, as I have no official standing or presence in the tabletop roleplaying industry, and really just thought DICESTRUCTOID was too good of a pun to not at least attempt to engage in.

I've played a number of systems, ranging from D&D 3.5 to more than a few permutations of Powered by the Apocalypse, but some of the standouts are:

- Two year campaign of D&D 4e in the Dark Sun setting, ending in a TPK shortly before my players were set to hit level 30. Sorcerer kings can crit like nobody's business.

- Five years of various Call of Cthulhu games: Horror on the Orient Express, Miskatonic University, Classic 1920s, Secrets of Berlin, Achtung! Cthulhu, Cthulhu Dark Ages.

- Two years of King Arthur Pendragon in the Great Pendragon Campaign, suffered about nine character deaths over the course of the game, while other players lost maybe one or two.

- Two years of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, both running my own game and playing in someone else's.

- Six months running three different chronicles in the New World of Darkness (and updated Chronicles of Darkness).

Games I own and really want to run something in:

The Witcher RPG
Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Roleplaying
Firefly: The RPG
Sword Noir
Dungeon World
The End of the World
Heroquest 2nd Edition
Through the Breach