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I am stealing this week's Oglaf for my games.


Watched The Gray Man tonight. Incredibly by the numbers, the action was moderately enjoyable, but the plot moved like thickened oatmeal.


Happy Friday everyone. Special thanks this week to Moyse and Occams for being the stellar bros that they are, and for us as a community I am proud to post and read weird shit about on the regs.


Am drunk, is bueno. Is subtitled slander libel?


Open world Earthbound. Or, you know, Mother 3. Whichever is easier.


Just played 5 stages of TMNT:SR online with three friends. Really solid connectivity, no real issues. Definitely a fun time.


I guess I picked a good time to finally start Inquisition.


Picked up Ghost of Tsushima this weekend. Been playing it non stop since then. Holy shit.


Occams birthday? The stars are coming right.


The only good thing ever to come out of April Fool's is SOULBOW BUT LOUDER and none of you can convince me otherwise.


My phone wasn't liking dtoid when I received this a little ways back, but I took this photo to thank Meanderbot. Awesome work, goes right on the fridge!


First day at work where I'm not wearing a mask. I don't understand anyone who would feel relieved by this. I've been low key panicking for about three hours now.


So...does anyone else go back and rewatch the Folding Ideas series on 50 Shades? Just me? Cool.


I'd like to thank whoever recommended using the Brave browser for YouTube. Sure, I lose some functionality, but I'm more than willing to sacrifice a little convenience in exchange for never having to listen to another fucking Dr. Squatch commercial.


You did it, Discus. You made me reinstall Chrome on my phone. Fuuuck you.


Today I get a birthday onsen soak and lots of izakaya. But the greatest gift of all is not having to work this week.


Merry Christmas you bunch of weirdos <3


Resident Evil Extinction did Army of the Dead before Zack Snyder. Discuss.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Even those of you who celebrate it in non-conforming ways.


About AtomicBananaone of us since 4:45 PM on 03.23.2010

The contents of this blog are opinion-based, as I have no official standing or presence in the tabletop roleplaying industry, and really just thought DICESTRUCTOID was too good of a pun to not at least attempt to engage in.

I've played a number of systems, ranging from D&D 3.5 to more than a few permutations of Powered by the Apocalypse, but some of the standouts are:

- Two year campaign of D&D 4e in the Dark Sun setting, ending in a TPK shortly before my players were set to hit level 30. Sorcerer kings can crit like nobody's business.

- Five years of various Call of Cthulhu games: Horror on the Orient Express, Miskatonic University, Classic 1920s, Secrets of Berlin, Achtung! Cthulhu, Cthulhu Dark Ages.

- Two years of King Arthur Pendragon in the Great Pendragon Campaign, suffered about nine character deaths over the course of the game, while other players lost maybe one or two.

- Two years of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, both running my own game and playing in someone else's.

- Six months running three different chronicles in the New World of Darkness (and updated Chronicles of Darkness).

Games I own and really want to run something in:

The Witcher RPG
Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Roleplaying
Firefly: The RPG
Sword Noir
Dungeon World
The End of the World
Heroquest 2nd Edition
Through the Breach