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Got a SNES Classic from my girlfriend. I haven't had anyone get me a gaming gift I wanted and didn't buy myself since I was like 14. I was so surprised


I'm surprisingly a little lukewarm on Monster Hunter's beta so far. Almost looks like it's so detailed it barely is running on PS4. The scoutflies really prevent me from studying the environments. It's just a demo though, still plays like MH, awesome


Whelp, not to sour anyone, but I saw Episode VIII and I absolutely hated it. Really enjoyed VII a lot too. I ... am shocked. Hope you guys like it more than I did.


Lots of interesting clues in there for hardcore fans. Literally looks like a remaster of part 1. Costumes, stages, everyone is young again. New character tease. "history hides more than one truth," alternate timeline?


This Mario song is the biggest lip sync I've ever seen.


It's almost embarrassing to admit, but the Game Awards killed it this year. I was more or less hyped for over 2 hours.


SOUL CALIBUR VI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE


I really didn't realize how bizarre and windy the plains areas really are in these games. They have multiple weird upper and lower layers. I just got shot out of a river into this secret area. Super intricate level design for an open world game. Towns too


Finding new Mario Odyssey moves still. Throw your hat three times in a row with perfect timing and it's 3 different animations. Also, hit jump right when your cap returns after any cap throw and you get a different high jump!


Xenoblade 2 finally has fully clicked, first Xeno game ever for me to do that. I can't even recommend it, because it took me 10 hours to grasp most of it. But my god, it's all so great.


I'm still finding new moves in Mario Odyssey. But stomp then instantly roll and you take off like Sonic, then let go of crouch and you do the sprint run.


This song was badass in level 4. Fun level too.


Not to be a total contrarian, but I honestly am actually totally enjoying Sonic Forces so far. The cutscenes are absolutely hilarious. It's a super dark war storyline, with this absolutely hideously ugly create a character. Gameplay is average!


I'm going in ... wish me luck ...


Saw a bunch of reviews saying Odyssey should only be played on the TV but its honestly great in tabletop mode with joycons detached. Played a few hours that way.


Finally starting Mario Odyssey! Been such a long wait. In other news, just purchased Mummy Demastered too for portable play. I hope people support these smaller games. This is the appeal of Switch, $20 3ds games. These would be $40 on 3DS.


#controversy I think Super Mario Run is the most underrated Mario game. There are genuinely fantastic level designs in there and the new flip over enemies move is his best new move since Mario 64. (P.S. I love Miitopia)


I got banned from NeoGAF before it was cool ...


And now the NeoGAF shit is starting to hit the official channels. Should be an interesting day. http://www.usgamer.net/articles/neogaf-goes-dark-after-sexual-assault-allegations-against-founder


I'm at work and I can't even sit at my computer and properly enjoy NeoGAF falling apart because the owner is caught in a sexual harassment scandal and most of his mods just quit. He banned so many people that karma finally banned him from his own site.


I don't know how Shadow of War got many high reviews. It might as well be a big expansion to the first game. Literally has 90% of the exact same graphics, animations, voice acting clips from the first game just reused. Still fun, but pretty unambitious.


Cant put down Mario Run Remix 10 at work. It has legitimately fun platforming. Maybe my favorite mobile game ever.


Finally got to my mailbox. Been gone a few days at work ...


Remix 10 in Mario Run is pretty great. The exact amount of fast, accessible gaming I'd want to do on a phone for a minute or two. FYI, the game is also $5 for a limited time, down from $10.


Golf Story is good. If you like Mario Golf GBA and wondered if its safe to buy, it is. The actual golf gameplay is solid. The graphics are good. The music is pretty amateur though.


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