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@taterchimp All this trailer tells me is that Troubleshooter 2 needs to be a thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b1XfO9tf1I&ab%20=DaedalicEntertainment


Hey y’all — I have an extra key for Wasteland 3. Anyone want it? It’s a fantastic game, my fav of 2020 and an excellent CRPG for veterans and newcomers of the genre alike. Let me know, would love to give this to one of y’all to experience it!


Hope y'all had a great Christmas! This is my Steam Replay -- can't take credit for the Sims 4, all 140+ hours were from my gf LOL


IGN finally does damage control for that time many years ago when they said Sonic was never good LOL


@Neronium might be able to answer this question but does anyone know a good gripcase for the regular 3DSXL? Looking online I only see ones for the new 3DSXL but I don't know if they're the same size. It's uncomfortable to play after long periods


Not sure if anyone was familiar with Lost Soul Aside, originally a one-person developed Devil May Cry style action game that turned into a Sony exclusive and went quiet for a few years. New trailer is out and the game is looking real good!


RIP Kevin Conroy and RIP Gallagher.


Sonic Front-Rears


Hey y’all I was born 32 years ago today and my back aches


Randomly downloaded PUBG mobile and I’m kind of hooked. The combination of touch screen and gyro controls make it pretty fun, and I’ve already won a few matches. Im aware I’m pretty late to the battle royale craze lmao


A fan-made mod for MGS2 is being released in November with Subsistence-style 3rd person camera. It’s so weird to see MGS2 with proper camera control but also exciting as it will almost be like playing the game for the first time!


Been playing Metal Max Returns on SNES. So far a very 6/10 JRPG but to no fault of its own but mostly because it’s a victim of antiquated JRPG design of the time. I think upgrading your vehicles is really cool and I still want to see the series through!


Happy Birthday ChronoLynx!!!!


Super Robot Wars Taisen OG Frontier Endless Saga continues to be a fun time and as well contain the most entertaining English translation


Happy Birthday Heston!!!


Been playing Super Robot Wars Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier and I can’t help but admire the dialogue. Don’t know if some of this is direct translation but it’s like it was written by a preteen who wrote fanfics on Xanga circa 2003. Fun game tho!


My friend made an original Metal Gear/Ghost Babel style stealth game all in Python, thought I'd share. If anyone tries it, leave a comment or rating on it for him to see, I'm sure he'd be stoked to read some feedback (he doesn't know I'm advertising it)


Soon... But after seeing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, I have very little faith in this. I loved all the old Kevin Smith movies growing up, and have been waiting for Clerks 3 since the second one. Hoping it's at least mediocre.


Does anyone here remember or know about the fan game Sonic XG? It was an old fangame that originally was shown off on Youtube back in '07. I randomly looked it up and it's been put back in development! Hope this and Mega Man X Corrupted come out soon!


It’s been 20 years and I’m still hoping for Bloody Roar 5


The new Klonoa remakes look great! Can't wait to get it next month. One thing I wish they would have done though was kept the cel-shading in the sequel, I think it fit the style, but otherwise it looks great.


Finally some gameplay of Sonic Frontiers. Yes! Give me open world RPG Sonic! It looks promising, to say the least


Also saw Midsommar for the first time this weekend and I can’t stop thinking about it. Makes me wonder if there are cults like that today, the thought alone scares me. Crazy movie but one of my new favorites, highly recommend watching it!


#underratedmonday been playing Crash N-Tranced on GBA. This and its predecessor The Huge Adventure are great Crash games that capture the style of the original trilogy very well, even though they’re both for the most part side scrollers!


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