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Woooweeee! How bout' that Anime/HarvestMoon direct!? Can't help but think about how long peep's who's jam that stuff was got nothing from the industry and how they've got to be ALL smiles RN. Games are fun! 🙃


P.S. Thanks for the PS3 suggestions, everyone. Now the shopping begins!


I mostly missed the PS3 era of thInge. Phooey, yeah? Making up for it now. Any suggestions or hidden gems I should know about?


Inspired by Jetter Mar's Q-Post. Hit up a nearby Korean market for the good stuff. Gonna be a good Friday 🍌🥛😎.


Curious; Do y'all have like different "fuel" for playing games than you do, say, for like working during the day? I.E. Coffee for the office, redbull for a gaming sessions? Or whatever.


Never change, 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂❤️


Oh yeah, my new avatar is from this piece. Called "The Drummer". Methinks there's a few peeps here that'll take to it.


Been a while, dtoiders! I miss anything good? (Same me ,btw. JKust tossed the other account because I had trouble with an old junk email).


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