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pet peeve # 132 - when an article lists the switch,switch lite and switch oled as three different systems a game is playable on.. no shit moriarty.


back with another android game worth a damn. "fantasy tactics" is a brilliant little puzzle game(despite its looks its not an rpg), free of charge and addictive as shit. only 25 levels but i ain't complainin'


folks need pervs in their company to point out shit before releasing it to the public


late to the party maybe, but apparently valve released pics of the steam-deck's prototypes


pray for me. i'm out with a friend going thru a mid-life crisis. i'm already 2 neat gins and 3 stiff beers in. tonight we're going at it like we're in our 20's


where the love for 'golden joystick'. it's in 8 days


it was just a joke ARLO, damn


this guy again...


? take: i liked 'the cable guy'. one of carry's most memorable roles. i don't know why it gets so much hate.


there are no stupid ques... wait


whoever suggested the movie 'possum' can bugger right off. never knew a horror movie could be so boring.


this looks familiar..from a movie?..or a game?..


haven't posted in a while.. been busy


finished the graveyard book vol.1 (comic book adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel). story of a boy raised in a graveyard by ghosts. this Spooktober is looking to be a real banger.


i don't know why..so don't ask


good day folks


good day folks


ever have that 'god,I wish I had a gf' moment. I've been stuck there for weeks. funny how that gives off a women repelling stench. And like the moron that I am, I started binging anime movies. been single for 6 years now... desperation is a perfume.


this thing caught me offguard, like "what the hell? i didn't greenlight this!"


I've been scouring the net, looking for an android game worth my time. 'Catbird' by Raiyumi was awesome. hard to believe they pulled off a precision platformer with virtual(on screen) controls. ads are annoying but if u turn off data/wifi..problem solved.


i just beat my nephew(who's been gittin' good all summer) at a bout of fifa 09. feeling like a BOSS!


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