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My Texan ass when Clarence Thomas says he wants to "reexamine" the laws legalizing birth control and gay sex.


I wonder what the gaming landscape would be like if Microsoft followed their plan to buy SEGA in the early 2000s. Xbox being BC with the Dreamcast, Sonic as their mascot alongside Master Chief, their brand becoming more successful in Japan, it'd be wild.


Imagine if the Switch lasts as long as the Game Boy did. We get a Switch Pro in 2026 and the Switch 2 in 2029.


I don't like "This feels like a ROM hack" or "This reads like a fanfiction" as criticism. Talent can come from anywhere, and there's TONS of great fan artists unironically more gifted than the owners of the actual IP


I can’t fucking believe I got this on the first try


It's weird how shitty movie tie-in games were everywhere for the longest time, but around the 8th gen we got mobile tie-ins instead since that's where the casual players were. Fascinating demographic change. Anyways here's Morbius on the Wii U lmao


Nintendo when the Switch 2 comes out and they actually have to make brand new original games instead of slightly upscaled Wii U ports they sold for $60 with the justification that no one bought their other console


Is Ratchet & Clank the closest thing we have to a PlayStation mascot? I can't think of any other recognizable franchise that's had such steady stream of exclusives on every Sony console (PS1 and Vita notwithstanding).


"What if Squid Game was REAL LIFE 😱😱😱" bitch that's called recess shut the fuck up


Cloud streaming overtaking consoles like it did with DVDs is going to have horrible outcomes. Like imagine if EA makes Battlefield 69420, it sucks so everyone goes to the old game, so EA stops streaming the old one and forces everyone onto the new one.


People's reactions to The Last Of Us on PS5 have shown me that diminishing returns kicked in HARD during 7th gen. Like if you upscaled this Vita game to 1080p 60fps and told me "This is the pinnacle of what the PS5 is capable of." I would believe you.


How it feels working 41-45 hours, 6 days a week, for $9 an hour, at a shitty understaffed fast food place with no breaks, no chairs, barely any aircon, and psychopath employees, for 2 years, and college graduation's still a year away


Every day for the past month has been either 100+ degrees or filled with apocalyptic thunderstorms and floods. Sure would love to live in a place where the default summer weather isn't "kill everyone who goes outside."


I feel like everyone using "nostalgia goggles" as an argument fundamentally misunderstands how kids work. They DON'T blindly enjoy any old garbage, they're literally the opposite, 7-year old me legit had a written list of bad SpongeBob episodes to avoid


Literally the only thing I've watched of the original Top Gun is the beach volleyball scene. Didn't even know it was an airplane movie until I watched the sequel


Raising the age of gun ownership to 21 is the most braindead American solution to a gun violence epidemic. Either ban them for everyone or don't, I'm just sick of coddling grown ass adults like they're toddlers because "muh immature frontal lobe uwu"


Literally all Sonic Team needs to do to make a masterpiece is make a full game of Sonic's campaign from Adventure, fix some of the jank, and maybe add Tails/Knuckles/Amy for variety. Insane that their best attempt to make a 3D Genesis game was in 1999


Some people say video games aren't art. If 4 Kurt Cobains performing Kung Fu Fighting isn't art, I don't know what is


How I feel after 100%ing Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion


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