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Saw this article trending the other day, people were NOT happy about it lmao. I feel like everyone who saw that Matrix Awakens demo could've seen this coming a mile away.


I read some of the audience reviews for Strange World on Rotten Tomatoes. That completely inconsequential gay subplot triggered quite the moral panic.


Show us the Seth Rogen voice you cowards


I can’t believe I just got Luigi’d


Anyone else remember this relic from the Wii days? I feel like the people who need a 25-minute video telling them how to play Mario are the same people who would put the DVD into the Wii and wonder why it's not working.


I don't get why Disney would spend a hundred million dollars animating a movie, and then not advertise it. I guess their 17th first gay character was just too much to handle for the general audience


The Wii U's 10th anniversary was yesterday. 11yo me was genuinely expecting it to be the greatest game console ever, with a library full of 10/10 masterpieces...didn't quite turn out that way, but I can't stay mad at a system that gave us Splatoon.


The most fascinating thing about the Switch Pokemon games is that they're all targeting a native 1080p resolution. Game Freak really thinks an unstable 20fps and a draw distance of 5 feet is more visually pleasing than like, 720p or something.


Sony was the Fire Nation, SEGA was the Air Nomads, Xbox was the Earth Kingdom, and Nintendo was the Water Tribe. Is that more or less how the 6th gen played out?


Every time I see someone blame the Nintendo Switch hardware for games having bad framerates, I just remember that Team Ninja got tiddy physics running on the Sega Saturn at 60fps. No excuses.


In this world there are two types of people. The ones who think the Game Boy Color is its own generation, and the ones who are correct.


Movie hot take: This is better than 7 of the 9 Star Wars films


I used to never care for Elon, but then I learned he's forcing Twitter users to pay an $8 monthly fee for their verification status. Now he's my new favorite person.


YouTube Shorts is a miracle invention. It somehow managed to do the impossible and make my recommended page even more cancerous than it already was.


I'm down for breaking down gender norms and all that, but let's not be cowards about it


9-5 working hours are so ingrained in people's heads that we decided to shift the clocks by 1 hour to get more sunlight in the evenings, instead of just changing to an 8-4 schedule and getting literally the exact same results.


I remember reading on the news a few months ago that everyone who attended Westwood College would have their student debt wiped. It only now just hit me why that name sounded so familiar:


I will never get over how fucking funny this render is


Has anything in gaming history ever surpassed the plastic guitar era in oversaturation? There were 8 Guitar Hero games and 3 Rock Band games in 2009 alone, like holy shit.


Never forget that Rango got a C+ grade on CinemaScore, the same grade as Morbius, and a lower grade than Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Minions, and the Emoji Movie. This is why general audiences don't deserve happiness.


Why spend $300 on Genshin Impact to look at pantyshots of femboys wearing maid uniforms, when you could watch Spongebob and get the same thing for free.


Here’s 10+ minutes of Charles Martinet speaking in full sentences as Mario. Honestly I don’t find it that grating, it’s kinda giving me Spongebob and Mickey Mouse vibes. I think a somewhat toned down take on his voice could work for a movie.


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