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I gave OFK a listen, this might genuinely be the worst video game soundtrack since Crazy Bus. I don't know what I expected from fictional Californians who look like they write blog posts about the toxic whiteness of iCarly, but it wasn't this.


Fun fact: All European box arts of N64 games had a black border surrounding the artwork. This is a reference to the giant black borders that every PAL game had because they used cringe 576i/50hz CRT televisions instead of based 480i/60hz TVs


Is it accurate to say that there's no meaningful differences between PS/Xbox multiplats anymore? I feel like if you need expensive Digital Foundry tools to detect bad frame pacing or shit then it doesn't really matter anymore. Video entirely unrelated.


As a 21yo, I was actually in the target demographic for these Wii U commercials when they aired. Saw them all the time while watching Cartoon Network with my friends. Speaking from first-hand experience, I can say that these ads sold a lot of Xbox Ones.


There's a conspiracy theory that the internet died in 2016 and 95% of its current commentors are bots. It's obviously not real, but damn it FEELS real. Go back to old internet threads or videos from like 2007 or so, everything just felt more...authentic.


TERF speedrun any%. In only 2 years JKR's statements have gone from "I'll march with trans people if they're being discriminated" to "Watch this epic tradcon religious propaganda". If she nails her frame perfect Orban endorsement tweet she'll have WR


Felt like shit two days ago, had a 101F fever but tested negative for COVID. Felt better yesterday, tested myself before bed and had no COVID. Felt even better today, body temp was normal, went to work, tested just now to be safe, I now have COVID.


Splatoon 3 is the Super Mario Galaxy 2 of this generation, in that there's a surprisingly large group of people calling it glorified DLC despite clearly offering literally a brand new game's worth of content.


You ever stop and realize how silly our film/game age ratings are? Most Star Wars films are PG-13 but all the preteens at my elementary had Darth Vader lunchboxes. And 13-year old me certainly wasn't traumatized by Bayonetta lol


I'm so glad I only spent $40 on a copy of Paper Mario: TTYD


Xbox One's Japan sales never fail to make me laugh. The Xbox 360 at least had a presence in the country, even if it wasn't a big one. The One lost 92% of the 360's userbase. Don Mattrick might have created the most un-Japanese system in history.


I originally thought 4K was a giant marketing scam and wouldn't look any better than 1080p. But after visiting a friend's house and having the pleasure of viewing Elden Ring at native 4K, I can now form a more informed opinion:


The Virgin Console Warrior vs the Chad Warden


Finally saw Lightyear, enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Excellent return to form for Pixar, although I’ll never forgive them for making the most Patrick Warburton-looking character design and not rehiring him for the role.


Truly one of the theme songs of all time.


Is it fair to say that CG rendering tools are as good as they'll ever need to be? Monsters University is almost a decade old and still looks identical to, if not better than Pixar's newest films. Where do you go once you've actually achieved photorealism?


This video is THE reason I'm trying to move to a dense walkable city. It's not just kids being stripped of their independence, being a carless adult in rural America is ballbusting.


Very happy about Bayonetta's censorship mode! Now I can play without worrying about my 8yo daughter seeing the same body parts she sees in the shower. They even kept the gore so she can learn what'll comes out of her friends in the next school shooting!


Kingdom Hearts spinoff except its a Dragon Quest/Dreamworks crossover. A cute anime girl joins forces with Shrek and Donkey to battle Farquaad's army of Slimes and Sabrecats in the worlds of Bee Movie, The Prince of Egypt, and The Boss Baby.


Games Inside Games

Most games are pretty straightforward. If it's single-player, you turn it on, and get on with the main adventure. If it's multiplayer, you have the main mode and a few side modes for variety. But occasionally some game developers will...


It's funny because 3D animation is literally a shortcut compared to hand-drawn 2D animation.


Nick's treatment of SpongeBob is the weirdest thing. It only has 13 seasons despite being 23 years old. It gets 2-3 new episodes a year, even though it's 90% of Nick's programming. This has yielded only slightly better results than modern Simpsons.


1980s Sega of America might actually have the worst marketing team in the history of gaming. Like they really thought this box art would look good next to Nintendo's.


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