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Good Morning Dtoid! Here's a Sabbath song more people should listen to. It's Alright was composed and sang by Bill Ward, the drummer. Have a wacky wednesday!


Bored at work, so here's Ledyba but its Ledian and Ledian but its Ledyba.


Happy Friday Dtoid! How are you all doing today? Here's a hyper-obscure album that first introduced me to metal 11 years ago! Get that friday feeling homies ;)


Happy Wednesday Dtoid! Discovered a new band this morning that I am vibing and jiving with. How's your day going so far?


Series of tweets from Stealth (Head developer of Sonic Origins) explaining the amount of glitches and what happened. https://twitter.com/HCStealth/status/1540161919851540480?t=%20&s=09


My first ever safari shiny! Lil dude came after 4182 encounters and I'm super hyped. Anyone else taking part in safari week?


This is the one thing I was afraid of with Origins. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/sonic-3-knuckles-wont-have-its-original-soundtrack-in-sonic-origins/


Current Status:


In preparation for Sonic Origins coming out soon, I'm gonna divide and destroy this community! What's your favourite classic Sonic, Qtoid?


Finally got my hands of some Astral Radiance boosters! Here's my best pulls so far. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! :)


Wait WHAT? This looks so cool! I didn't even know this was a thing! The 40K franchise is keeping us fed this year.


Everyone's out here talking about Lechonk and Smolive when the real news is that VENONAT IS IN ITS FIRST REGIONAL DEX SINCE GEN 1!


Mis-read my clock this morning and left for work an hour earlier. Today is not my day.


Roller Champions is actually super fun, I'll be sad when the servers get taken down


Been amalgamating and editing Sonic 3D Blast sprites into this silly little animation this morning. How's everyone's Friday going so far? :)


Happy Wednesday Morning Dtoid! How do you take your pancakes? Or do you prefer Crépes?


The older I get, the more and more I resonate with this man.


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