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Weird one: If anyone wants to throw down on the chess board hit me up https://friend.chess.com/WUi66


Going to tescos, anyone want anything?


Hey Everyone, I'm back from Canada! Had what was genuinely the best 2 weeks of my life, and she's coming here in a few months - we'll see who ends up moving lol. But I am not dead if that's what you were wondering.


I'm thankful for sonic frontiers


Morning everyone! Excuse me if there is a proper place for this, but I want to open a gaping pit of friend codes (and get to know more of you). Whatever you play on, drop your friend code or your discord!


I 100% Sonic Frontiers. The best modern Sonic game, easily. Now I'm onto Death Stranding, I'm about an hour in and this game is fucking gorgeous on PC! But also what the fuck is going on.


I realise I'm a little late in posting this here, however I have not seen anyone talking about it on the front page. Mick Gordon shares his experience with id. https://twitter.com/Mick%20/status/1590343092598878210?s=20&t=w9I1NBfmdrM-ppapsUbQ4


Can any Dtoiders with ADHD/Autism share your experiences with getting tested and diagnosed? I really feel like I should get tested. I've lived with this stuff my whole life, but now my co-workers think I'm an idiot because I can't concentrate.


Play this game.


The bhys want me to install Final Fantasy 14, is it worth a look with friends? Guide me o Dtoid


Movie Hot Take: Not only is this movie good, it's on the better side of Star Wars.


If you like Doom/Quake and haven't played DUSK yet, go do it right now. It's part of the Halloween Steam sale. Seriously cannot recommend this thing enough.


New Pokémon revealed for Scarlet and Violet via livestream 10 minutes ago!


Has enough time passed that we can appreciate this lil fella? I don't care what you say Vanilluxe is top tier.


What would you change Corviknight's official name to if you could?


So I finished RE5 and begun my journey into the... controversial RE6. I've only played the first chapter but... I kinda like it? Is there something wrong with me? Why do I love Leon Reedus?? Guys???


So I've been forcing myself through RE5 and I can't lie, it's difficult to stomach a lot of this thing. Wesker and Irving are the only things to keep me going in a sea of greys and browns and shit bosses.


Just bought RE2make again in a steam sale, honestly one of the best horror games ever made.


Gonna be a basic bitch today and post from my favourite album of all time. Hope everyone has a good friday and a great weekend!


I don't know how GF can't be embarrassed releasing screenshots like this. A cool new Pokemon sitting on top of the worst texture you've ever seen. And this is their PROMO MATERIAL.


Happy Friday everyone! I've taken next week off work to sort myself out so I'm feeling pretty good. How has everyone's week went?


So I Prevail Dropped their new album on my bday, pretty cool! How's everyone's Friday going?


Just want to thank everyone who supported me this morning, you all really helped me and I wasn't expecting it. I cherish this place so much, love you guys. <3


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