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So, I got another small hole in my lung and let me tell you; the symptoms of such a thing are ridiculous. You get the obvious shortness of breath, lower O2 in the blood and lethargy. More fun side effects in the comments.


Does anyone have a copy of Elden Ring that I can borrow? I want to experience this thing for myself but you know... 'sponsibilities.


What's in the box!?! [Did I do it right?]


Hot Take: Elden Ring is the Dark Souls of open world games.


Wow, this game is going all out on the aggressive sales tactics.


The new laminate on my decals is better but not by much. The current test sticker lasted a week before it faded from UV exposure. I might have to stick with monochrome vinyl for now. My next test, I'll seal the print with a top coat before laminating it


Good news: The laminate I used on my vinyl car decals is waterproof after all. Bad News: It is absolutely NOT UV protective as was advertised. Need to remedy that before I start posting photos of the final product. I am disappoint.


I learned how to make vinyl car decals so now I'm going to try my hand at full color stickers. I drew this up in Illustrator and I think I'll slap it upside down on my rear windshield. I'll post pics when I'm done.


It’s getting real boring hiding under my bed to avoid PokéMonster Hunter spoilers. Four more days…


Biggest thank you of all to Alpha! I love this so much! So much!


Got SMT V but now I feel obliged to play SMT IV and Apocalypse again. SMT IV also makes me want to play The World Ends With You which then reminds me that TWEWY Neo is also a thing that I have to play. This is why my backlog is daunting and infinite. Help


Happy Birthday to Scruffy and Chris! You are both lovely people and I hope that you birthday cake is forever moist <3


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