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I’m not trying to start shit but I was getting deleted before it was cool! Cohost: ZombieCorps


Happy Birthday to the best bot, VXXY! <3 U, buddy!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Holiday weekend.


I started modding my GameCube and quickly realized that I have no idea what I am doing. There is no way that this will end poorly.


One of the other employees at work has been decorating the office for Halloween. On each desk she left a cute little pumpkin. I decided to start decorating mine in my down time.


I need a full image of Occam’s avatar for… reasons.


This is the puppet I made for myself during The End Times but I want to design another one. Thing is… I have no ideas. Do I make a better version of this guy or try something completely different?


Happy Birthday, Mike! You're the shit, man! <3 <3 <3


Decided to take today off from work because I can use the rare excuse that my doctor cut something out of me yesterday. Bring on the Pokemon, hot tea and puppy snuggles.


Found this on r/diwhy and immediately visualized this in Occams’ bathroom. #blursed


Apparently my birthday was on Monday. I had completely forgotten until my mom called to ask if I did anything special. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I can finally play “What’s in the box?” XD


So if the daughter of one of these politicians is assaulted and she learns that she’s pregnant with the assailant’s child, they’re just going to be grateful for being new grandparents? Fucked up world we live in.


I was playing Pokemon Fire Red at work. All day, I've been fishing for a shiny Magikarp in the Safari Zone with no luck. Suddenly, my boss is behind me. "Is that a video game console?" SHIT!... "Uh, yeah..." "I need to get one of those." I love my job.


I see there is a Dtoid Reddit and it’s not exploding with shitposts. Why?


I miss asking Brett stupid questions that he had answered in his articles. Whatever happened to that guy?


I have started another playthrough of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Named my character Bahn so it made sense why his sister's name is JOVI.


Huzzah! I’m employed again! I can now rejoin the masses of working folk that toil endlessly and still dread if they’ll be able to afford the necessities for life! WOOOOO!


I tried to rate myself on ActiBlizz's Diversity Chart and it turns out that I would be a boring character for a video game but an excellent executive at Actiblizz. I kind of hate myself now.


Battle Tower in Pokemon Emerald is fucking bullshit. I swear the AI reads your input and then gets to spam 1HKO moves with 100% accuracy. I'm going to get those ribbons, Arceus damn it!


So DC Comics got in on the NFT grift. For a low low price of $300, you can buy a link to an image of an AI generated god awful Batman cowl. But wait! There's more! Oh, no... there isn't. It's a sad day when ol' Bruce has to resort to scams to make a buck.


I love that Chums, the ancient 4 legged shark god-thing wears a pool float. A+


A very generous friend gifted Tiny Tina's Wonderlands to me. I'm enjoying it but some of the bugs... I never thought I would ever hear myself shouting, "Help! I'm stuck on a cheese curl and it won't let me go!"


Hey! I understand that you're different than me. You have lived a completely different life, made different choices and have been exposed to different stimuli. That's pretty fucking cool. Don't ever let anyone tell you who you should be. You're perfect.


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