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I have been doing nothing but play red dead redemption for 5 days. is that a bad thing? you decide also here is my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%20


Zombies Attack!!! [Left 4 Dead Review]

Opening statement. after Half life  2 and its episodes, Team Fortress 2, and portal.  Valve was riding high with games. Half life 2 (and its epsidoes) was an amazing sequel to the already awsome Half life from 1998. portal wa...


Check out my new vido where i talk over the trailer of assassin's creed brother hood. the best assassins' creed game ever. https://youtu.be/%20


I'm "Optimistic" about this E3s Nintendo direct


part 2 i have learned that a sandbox game is a game with no limits. Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can (almost) do whatevere you want. Garrys mod...is a game...where you CAN do whatever you want. so yeah...that's it...see ya


What i learned from Playing 2,326 hours of Garry's mod Yes you read that right, 2,326 hours.. well 2,326.1 hours if we are being precise. i have learned that.... to be continued...


FATAL REVIWE: Hotline Miami hotline Miami. oh BOY! what can I say about hotline Miami that hasn't already been said. Its a great game with gameplay that, If played right. Feels very smooth. i give it a 10/10 https://store.steampowered.com/app/219150


This E3 I thought "Oh boy. Capcom on the 14th I sure hope they have something Dead rising related"....i knew in the bakc of my mind it would be somthing to do with RE 8 but...A Boy Can Dream


One day i thought. "I like video game trailers...I like talking." so i statred up OBS and BOOM. Hope you enjoy!


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