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Never heard of this game before, its recently launched on Switch and has a 10% discount now. Even as somebody not really into Resident Evil much a GBA like Resident Evil like game with some pretty nice expressive animations sounds really intresting.


Found this game at random on you tube, seems like a neat little game hopefuly its in the steam sale now. Does give vibes of like The Lighthouse movie but from what I can tell/what was said it doesn't seem or feel like a copy of the movie at all.


This a true SMT V fan not the fakers in qtoid here. Watched some of the video and its a lovely little video/talk even for somebody like me that doesn't care about the SMT games at all.


Also if people are intrested in that recent The Big Con indie game it is in a fanatical bundle now for 3 games for €10 which is pretty nice a deal considering how newish the game still is.


I got that indie game bundle on fanatical for €4 and own some of the gamea already so keys for them in the comments for those who want them. Games are the first Frog Detective games, Virgo Versues the Zodiac(which is a pretty good game)BUMPY


Oh wow the reviews for the live action Cow Boy Beepbop are all over the place with loads of very negative and somewhat postive reviews. Still not giving me the impression that it feels like something that needed to be made but maybe the fight scenes good


Dicey Dunegons is on sale on the eshop now for €3.74. If your not going to it get it on Gamepass PC and don't own it then you got to buy it at that cheap a sale price.


Never heard of Utopia before today but watched a few episodes there and damn it's really good. The orginal,only figured out later Amazon prime rebooted the show recently but nobody seemed to like it.Maybe it was popular when it came out but I never heard


This is a super nice fanatical bundle for $4.50, really nice to see Vergo Versues the Zodiac in this bundle never thought I would see it in any bundle.Played that game this year and I really enjoyed it and $4.50 just for that game is a steal.


Finaly somebody appreciates Metroid Other M for once and gave an actualy honset review/opinon of Metroid Dread


Not really into oldschool Doom like games or "boomer"shooter style games I think they are called now. But I tried Ultrakill today and damn this game is really great very fun controls and movement options.


A good amount of the games are pretty old but the Sonic 30th aniversay bundle up on Humble Bundle is not half bad. Sonic Generations,Lost World,Forces,all 3 sonic racing games,mania dlc,lost world,sonic 4 2 epsiodes, DX,Adventure 1/2 for €8.61


Hey I have a key to give away in the comments for One Finger Death Punch 2. I got that fighting humble bundle, I just already own One Finger Death Punch 2.BUMP


Looking into memory loss as part of a project and noticed there is two video games that deal with dementia. Never heard of them before sounds like a intresting topic for a game. Games are Ether One and Before I Forget. Seems Dtoid gave Ether One a 9/10


If people are liking Nickledon All Star Brawl, Slap City is in a fighting game bundle on humble bundle now.You get Slap City,Soul Caliner VI, Injustice 2 Legenedary edition, 60-70% off coupons for SoulCaliber DLC, Power Ranger and more for €10.36 in tot


While this doesn't seem like anything new at all this does seem like it might be a bit fun or at least the pixel graphics do look kinda nice.


Not sure why Hat Kid is in this as a playable character but more Hat Kid the better


Started that YOU show on Netflix, not into most shows with a good bit of a focus on romance or stuff like that but on episode 6 and quiet enjoy the show. Really seems like a show that should have just stuck with having 1 to 2 seasons max though.


Sweet was wondering for a while lately when this game was going to come out on Switch already.


Not much of a FPS guy but played a hour and a bit of Severed Steel last night and man the game feels so great to play. Shame it is so short at 2 to 3 hours for €25 but I can see myself replaying it 2 or 3 times and trying out user created levels


I have no clue what meme this fan remix is refrencing or who the guy is but for a shitpost joke fan remix of a games song this actualy sounds pretty good.


Man I thought nintendo would be bad with the pricing of getting some basic N64 roms but a whole €30 extra just for it. I didn't think even they would think the extra would be worth €30 more each year for it. People will still but it a load I guess oh


Finaly watched a tv show again, don't think I watched one in like over a year.Watched Squid Game, didn't know much about it but was pretty good.The main twists in the last third were pretty bad and they overexplain a lot in the last third.Shit English dub


You know I think I would want to see a future where spiders advance enough to be able to use guns and swords easily. They are nice to humans for the most part sort of, within reason.


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