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New to 2D Metroid,at the final boss area in Metroid Dread on normal mode and got to say I pretty much still didn't find anything that particular hard or diffculity spikey.It did get harder which was more fun but at most the bosses took me 2 to 3 attempts.


Hey that multiplayer Pokemon like TemTem game is coming out of early access this year nice. I have no intrest in the game or Pokemon games but the gameplay I saw of TemTem did look a lot more fun then the Pokemon games probably.


Played and finished Black Mesa was pretty decent,visualy/artsyle wise the reimagined Xen looked amazing. One of the best looking space/alien parts in any videogame imo. It is odd the game was good but a lot could be called generic of it really


Picked up Metroid Dread and its good,new to the Metroid 2D series only really played Prime.Quiet suprised that for me this game on Normal is actualy pretty easy.Sad to see they barely did anything new in this game and EMMI parts are ehh and very samey.


I believe destructoid did a review recently on this game and gave it a 9/10. Tried out Citizien Sleeper and the writting so far is pretty engaging and well paced and the characters. Massive flaw of its just so fucking buggy so far though unfourtantley.


Tried a bit of Superhot Mind Control Delete and super dissapointed with it more so then how dissapointed I was with Superhot. The level variety just sucks so much. You play the same levels again and again with no change.Superhot VR is kinda good though.


I just noticed that the latest Humble Bundle the bundle Battle of Yore game bundle has Tyranny Deluxe edition with its DLC for only €1. Well worth a try especialy at that price. Highly doubt Tyranny will ever come to consoles at this point.


I never followed or knew much of the game Norco but tried it out yesterday on Gamepass and its quiet good. I never knew until playing it that religion plays such a huge role in the story. Not religious but its done in a intresting and reflective manner.


It feels very late to only just start bringing this game One Shot to consoles but glad to see more people will be able to check it out on Switch at least.


Hey Furi is getting a new character as a paid dlc soon that's kinda cool. Been listening to the song a load lately from the game "The Toxic Avenger- My Only Chance" which is a real banger.


College pretty much finished now.Got to say now unless your doing Medicence or something similar for college it really isn't worth the massive amount of crunch and stress just to get the top grades.Feels great to be free and get to do more of my own stuff


I did hear Doug Doug occasionaly say in streams he knows the creator of The Stanley Parable relativley well. If that is the actual creator of The Stanley Parable with him then thats pretty cool.


Wait what,Konami basicaly redid the graphics for over 30 minutes of cutscenes for Snake Eater 3 just so they could use them in the Snake Eater Slot Machine and nothing else.


Geniue hot take,Banjo Nuts and Bolts isn't even that bad and a new game in that style could be cool. It is a decent fun enough game. All for being critical of games but the hate or more so disgust for the game seemed a bit overblown imo.


I don't know how many people try or know of Demon Turf but it seems to have just got a standalone €5 DLC. Pretty dissapointing that in this standalone DLC you can place infinte checkpoints bit only 3 per level in the main game. It could just be a toggle


I have no intrest in ever playing Miitopia but I heard of this song from the you tuber Doug Doug used a load. The first 2 minutes of this song slaps really hard. Kinda odd for a simple smaller game like this to have some pretty cool music like this.


Glad Byleth isn't the main character although I wouldn't put it past them for the story to just focus a load on Byleth anyway. Game still seems to look near as ugly as Three Houses.Shame Hyrule Warrior like ordering troops around map and defened points i


Near the end of Crosscode, it's a huge shame the story and characters are so boring and a good chunk of side quests because everything else is a lot of fun. Probably give it a 7.5/10 with the main thing bringing it down being the writting + side quests.


Nevee heard of this game before but this seems sick.Its coming out in Early Access at the end of this month too I think.I believe the game is made by a old team that did games like Doom back in the day.Their first new game in 20ish years and itseem great


If anybody here was following the game,Forgive Me Father is out of early access now. Visuals look very neat but the gameplay seems like a pretty standard modern boomer shooter to me. Still quiet a few people like it and I thinl it is on Gamepass now.


Just heard of this you tuber and his animation style is pretty cool/entertaining. All the Adobe complaints feel pretty accurate, kinda just a frustraiting piece of software in general.


This looks pretty neat. I don't know if saying your game is Sekiro influcenced because its about sword fighting and deflection makes sense. Intrestingly the game is being made by the people that made the horror games Detention and Devotion.


I think one year they showed of a Rivals of Aether dating game for April fools and made it as a full short game. Sequel is real, the sequel was talked of before I am pretty sure but still odd to have a trailer for it today of all days.


Not a load of new content but still nice to see Binding of Issac got some new content and changes just now with its latest update.


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