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That is actualy a pretty cool crossover skin in fairness. Shame that Mega Man weapon in DMC 5 was paid dlc pretty much.


Eastward seems to have reviewed pretty well enough so far. Glad to see reviews are out now before launch, makes me a lot more likely to buy the game. Very suprised to see people say the game is 30 hours or so. That seems very long, maybe too long imo.


Oh sweet Samurai Gunn 2 is out in early access now, missed that news. Looks fun, usualy I wouldn't think of getting a early access game. But the game is mostly multiplayer on similar stages so seems fun to play now.


Oh damn Fist Forged in Shadow Torch seemes to have reviewed really well so far. Been getting 8's and 8.5's and the like. Didn't have much intrest before but now it has my intrest seems cool in motion.


This bundle is up on Fanaitcal now.Hey the newerish Shantae gamea never usualy get much of a sale so this is kinda a good deal for them. Plus Before Your Eyes looks liks a cool 1 hour adventure game so not a bad bundle imo.There is more games then in pic


You know I have heard that song a good bit by now but never thought about how it was kinda just being a dick to Lanky Kong.


I didn't really pay any attention to gamescom but seems there was loads of cool indie annocuments in it. Severed Steel coming out in around 2 weeks is pretty nice news. Hope it has a good soundtrack.


Oh nice they seem to have shown off what the DLC will be for Lost Judgment. If the single player 10 hour thing is €40 by itself that may be a good bit too pricey considering.Probably can't just buy it by itself unforutantely.


#adtoid It isn't as bad as others and the X is pretty big and easy to click but still kinda annoying to see this every time


The flying fuck this Easter Egg is real in Psychonauts 2 and not a shitpost, it's such a weird bonus video for a Easter Egg.


Hmmmm a golf roguelite/metroidvania like game. I guess that kinda has my intrest even if I am sick of rogue lite games at this point.


Played a good bit of Lucah Born of a Dream and like it a good bit despite a good number of annoyances with it. Feels like a game you will either really like or hate not much inbetween.It was part of that ichio chairty bundle and is on sale for $6 eshop.


Just heard of this game that is out in 2 days called Opus:Echo of The Starsong. Looks intresting to me or at least the art style/graphics look intresting to me.


If Jim is right that Twitch takes a 50% cut on Twitch streamers subscription/revenue money, that is behond greedy even by the usual greedy rich company standards, holy shit.


I got stealth Humble bundle for €10.I own some of the games already on other platforms so I give them away here in comments.Games are Hitman (2016)Game of the Year Edition and a 10% off Hitman 3 Humble Bundle coupon BUMPLY


That's Psychonauts 2 done overall pretty good, would give it a 8/10, some issues hold it back but does a better job of being overall good throughout then the first imo. Suprised that the other campers from 1 never showed up in 2.Wasn't a issue for me tho


Saw just there that the creator of the gam GLITCHED on twitter mentioned the game Jimmy The Pulsating Mass. Very Earthbound like indie game. Seems like the few reviews it got it reviewed pretty well. Never heard of it before myself.Might pick it up.


This seems like it might be neat,it is on tomorrow. Basicaly like that wholesome direct but just for 3D platformers.Seems like it is news on 3D platformer games already out and coming out.A bit more news on the new Sparkjester 3D game would be nice.


Huh didn't expect to hear Geralt's voice actor in a indie game. Apparently this game was shown during Gamescom. Seems kinda cool maybe, can't make my mind up if I like art style or not.


This does look a good bit better then before with the powers showed off a bit in the new trailer. Still doesn't seem like it will do anything that new or different for its genre though.


Tried a bit of ECHO and man it really sucks to hear what happened to the developer.From what I tried so far they made a flawed but really cool/intresting game. Would have loved to see them make a new bigger game whatever it may have been.


Glad to say from the bit I played of Spookware it was fun I'll look foward to the full release with all 4 episode.I like it but I think big Warioware fans should know it is like 60-80% exploring talking to people and the rest doing minigames it seems.


This game is out tomorrow on most platforms I think. Seems kinda intresting, basicaly a indie heavily old school Resident Evil like game with the fixed camera and all that. Just with more a focus on puzzles and story then combat from what I can see


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