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Oh neat they are adding Dreamscaper to Gamepass. Neoturbo said they tried a bit of the game I think and liked it. Kinda like Hades in the sense part visual novel/dialogue parts and other part rogue lite game.


I seem to have got the bug too of Leavingagameonovernightanditaddingthehoursitis. Metro was more 30 hours with DLC I would say. Forgot I started and finished Dangropana 2 last year actualy. Nier was more 30 hours too.


Tried watching some popular or more mentioned ainme lately anda found most of them mostly pretty shit tbh and gave up on them but I checked out OddTaxi lately about half way through it and its very good. Kiryu's voice actor is one of the characters too.


Played more of Unsighted and really impressed with the game don't really have much issues with it.The time mechanic for everybody before they die soon is pretty novel.Its on Gamepass now.Got to say liking this a bit more than Hyper Light Drifter


Lost in Random is 60% off on the ps4/ps5 now for €12. Thats a really good sale price. Only playef a hour or two of it on switch now kinda wish I got this sale price but didn't think it would go down that much more then the last sale so quick.


Just wrapped up Silksong there. 9/10 waa really really good dare I say even better then Hollowknight. The side bosses are really fun and the ways your encouraged to use the enviroment around in them is really good.Much better story characters too and ost


I got LoopHero from the free Epuc Game giveaway but I think I have much intrest playing the game but just checked out some of its soundtrack and damn this is a banger of a little soundtrack. Don't usualy like very chip tune sounding like music either.


We will just have to wait and see Xbox buy Earth next. Considering that 69 billion and currently there is 7.75 billion on average so I'm just going to be lazy and say they spend €15 to buy each person in the world. That could work out. Get profit soon t


Pretty sad to see a bunch of people say Deathloop only won awards because it was "woke"or because the main characters weren't white. Not at Destructoid but I don't even use social media and still see it said a load. What a bunch of fucking idiots.


I'm pretty closeish to finishing up Visage. Not sure what to fully think of, for the stuff I likw about it or find it does pretty well it then does a good bit bad. I think its worth a try and is impressive for a indie game but it can be pretty rough imo


What are your favourite early access games? They can be games in early access now or not any more. Also what is a early access game you really liked but seems to have just got abandoned/turned into abandonedware


I just played a few runs of One Step From Eden there on Switch. Dropped it close to launch from the diffculity but glad to say so far it seems they fixed/tweaked it pretty good. Pretty fun/unique roguelite. Wish they made a singleplayer style game/seque


Kinda wish the show had a more old timey/hand hand drawn look to it but seems nice. Nice to see the DLC cup/mug girl in the show. If the orginal two creators who made Cuphead got to work on the show I imagine that must be a really nice feeling for them.


This was a great little video, very happy to hear the Hotline Miami guys have been working on a new game(not a Hotline Miami one). Was sad to hear they were often in the forums intreacting with fans before but got too many death threats etc from sequel


Finished pretty much everythin in The Forgotten City now.It was a good game I would give it a 7.5/10 but I got to say I was pretty dissapointed with a good amount of the game and I did expect more out of it. Still on Gamepass and worth a try.


Oh hey Terraria on Switch final got the 1.4 update now I can actualy start to think about playing it! Been waiting for the update for a while, I think the switch verison got local co-op splitscreen added in as well.


Huh that's why the Katana Zero DLC has been taking so long. That's neat to hear when I first heard of it I figured oh it would be just like half a hour long and feel pretty throaway


Huh wonder what has happened to the Gotta Protectors sequel game for Switch. With the 3DS eshop probably fully closing down soon I might get it on 3DS soon never played it.


Spelunky 2 is iut on Gamepass now. I played a decent bit of thr first and thought it was good although way too heavy on the rng bullshit. The sequel looks near identifal content wise to me so no intrest for me but its a cool game and others are intrested


I know there was a recent front page article but was is your favourite recentish sort of video game gimmick?Mine is the coin in Ultrakill,you can toss a coin up in the air and if you hit the coin before it lands it Ricochets bullet to a enemy+ more damage


Seem to be about 2/3rds through Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Have similar issue to it as 3D world would also probably give it a 7/10. A nintendo puzzl3 like game does highlight the issue of basic simple puzzles and quantity over qualtity.


Don't know how many people have heard of the game Supraland(it's on Gamepass) but it seems like ita sequel/new dlc comes out today. I know phil here at least played it and liked it.I think its a 3D first person good puzzle metroidvania with average combat


That's The Last Campfire overall a lovely little game qould give it a 8/10 very nice to see Apple Aracade games actualy feel like proper games that happen to be mobile too. Hope the No Man Sky people do more games like this and less like No Man Sky.


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