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The newest game Burnhouse Lane by the dev that made The Cat Lady is in a fanatical bundle now for relatively cheap.I played a good bit of it on Steam Deck and it was quiet good,really well done graphics.I only stopped because I got a rare bug.Link in comm


You know I would be really down for a Bullestorm 2. With how well Doom 2016,and Eternal did I imagine that should make it easier to pitch a sequel or a new FPS IP single player game.


Also the new game by the devs that made Hypnospace Outlaw is out now. Its set in the same world as Hypnodpace, it takes a character mentioned in that game and has that character making a gamr that your playing that is a retro boomer shooter looking game.


Killer Frequency is out now,seems like it could be a fun time. Basicaly a horror puzzle game where you run a radiostation and get callers guiding you about solving how to help them while a killer is trying to kill them.


J E T B O O T S. Very odd to see a modern game have a flappy bird like short minigame in it lol.


Humble bundle has a really sweet Metroidvania bundle with Hollow Knight,Rain World, Blasphemous,Bloodstained, Lost Ruins,Haiku the Robot,20% off coupon for Rainworlds cool DLC and 50% off Zapling Bygone indie game. I might get bundle and gift most


The indie game Decarnation is out now, looks pretty cool, very suprising that visualy it was techinaly still made in RPG Maker but still looks very good.


They better ease wayyyyyyyy up on the paid microtransactions/paid DLC cars this time if this game wants to be a €40-70 game. First game really took the piss had like €300 worth of just shit DLC.


It does feel very cursed/weird to have a 1 minute and 30 seconds Honaki Star Rail ad voiced by a random guy with no joke or personality at the start of a Zero Punctation video. Not a issue juat odd/suprsing to seee.


I have Octopath Traveller 2 on Switch arriving today, I saw it for €35 already on Amazon. Looking foward to giving it a try but I hate hearing the game has random battles +grinding. That shit died out because it fucking sucks in games.


Hrot seems like a fun time,Sweaty Dungus still got that good taste in games. In the first two short levels I kissed Gutav,fought a gorilla shooting a gun,fought a truck that came alive,a helicopter played pool and played a Game and Watchman chicken miniga


Oh sweet! My reasons for getting a ps5 instead of just building a good Gaming PC are getting smaller. Hopefully the indie company Sony can manage to do a functional PC Port for a €60-70 2 year old game port.


Magneta is out now in Early Access! It has Act 1 and 2 of its 3 Acts at launch. Demo is all of Act 1. Its a 2D Devil May Cry like game. Not much game site reviews but the steam user reviews are very postive. I just saw they snuck V1 Ultrkaill as a boss.


I have played through most of the main story for Tears of the Kingdom and got to say really dissapointed with its story. More then like half of it with the story of temples feels literally copy and pasted and unimportant and repeats samey info constantly


Man the like one or two grunt noises NPC's constantly make every sentence or two in Tears of the Kingdom very quickly gets really fucking annoying to listen to. Would rather they are unvoiced if this is all that they do with them personally.


PSA: Warhammer 40,000: Gladius and Hue are free to keep on Steam right now


Huh people just found out that the NPC's in Tears of the Kingdom that aren't main story NPC's their faces were all made from a more advance verison of the Mii Maker. Nice to see a bit of Mii's atuff even indirect stuff now.


I played through this games Steam Next Fest demo a while ago and it was fun. Was suprised to find the game felt very much like a indie 3D Mega Man but I don't mean that in a bad way. It just came out right now!


@Sam Bat Boy is out today looks like it might be a fun little indie to play! It is also out on steam.


I only got to try a few hours of Helldivers 1 with friends years ago but it was a lot of fun so this is a cool annoucment. Cool to go from 1 a top down isometric game to a 3rd person 3D game for 2. Hopefully this on PC day one too.


Fuck it, I’m not gonna let myself get excited for FFXVI


Its very dissapointing to see with Inkbound the new game out today by the devs that made pretty great indie deck builder Monster Train that its a online only game even in single player and €20 and full of microtransactions,battlepasses/DLC.A real shame


It's very nice to play a game and never have to have the UI on screen or loads of glowing markers on a minimap or anything in Tears of the Kingdom. The distance far odd objects do look very ugly when zooming in but are very handy for navigating naturaly


So I seem to have accidently got to the Wind Temple without ever doing the quest for it in Tears of the Kingdom. But now after doing a long section to get up there I have figured out you need a power to do it. No fast travel to temple so got to redo it :(


Took me a few hours to realise this and I didn't really see it said in online tips for Tears of the Kingdom. If you misplace a item and glue it to something you can use recall to unattach it. Plus anything you build despawns if you die or fast travel


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