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Got to say even just lately all the indie games and cool lesser known and weird games Zoey here has covered on the front page with her articles lately is a really nice change. Some pretty cool games, some even I didn't hear of, well worth a look.


Well seems I got another job offer there. It would be helping with bringing a new 3D CAD system for 18 months for a smallish stone kitchen design company. I have a bit too many potetional red flags for the role although the company wasn't too bad or lied


Played a bit of DmC its fine.Not as awful as people say it is but the biggest issue is combat or more so enemy design and combos feel kinda simplified in a weird way to explain but less intresting. Thats the bigger issue by far for me then story/writting.


As bad as the bactracking as Dante is, I mean bar some occasional new enemies and cutscenes it is literaly a copy and paste of Nero campaign. But I will say Dante combat is very fun to play and thankfully he gets some new fun weapons to combo with.


Got to say the guy on the left Harada who I think has been the main director for the last few Tekken games is looking fly as hell in that suit. I do agree that he does look like a Tekken character in the suit.


If we are getting more top 10 lists could we get a top ten Destructoid articles and a return of top ten Nintendo Amiboo ranked as how good they work as a butt plug? That would be a nice/fun read.


Well half way through Devil May Cry 4 and mqn conoared to 1 and 3 the boss fights suck apart from Dante one. 1 wasn't amazing with boss fights but it had a few fun ones. I think you fight rhe same bosses as Dantes half.


Double post but I would also want to mention this indie game that only came out a few days ago. Looks very neat. It is called your Only move is Hustle. Basicaly a 2D fighting game but turn based. Hard to explain but looks novel and its only €5 now.


Hey, I just posted a mini blog there of cool looking indie games due out in 2023 and beyond.I included trailers and steam links for every game I mention and a description of them so you can easily wishlist them.Give it a look if your interested!


I put list of indie games out in 2023 and beyond that I am quiet intrested in a word doc. Its like 200+ indie games now I think. I was going to put it as a blog here but thats way too much so I think I will split it up into monthly blogs. Makes more sense


Huh so apparently RE4 Remake basicaly has two routes/timelines pretty similar to how its done in RE2/RE2 Remake. The second route is mainly brand new content and you go down that route if the dog stays dead near the start. If not go down other route.


Got to say so far in Devil May Cry 4 I am very mixed on it. Its not terrible or bad but I would say out of 1,3 so far I not enjoying it as much. The devil arm B grab a enemy is a very mindless boring move that works on/incentives pretty much every enemy


Oh it seems like Hifi Rush may have made brand new or heavily remixed vocal song replacments for all the boss fights with licencsed songs if you play the game on streamer mode instead. Thats a really neat little touch. Curious to hear what they sound like


Thats Hifi Rush done overall a really fun time mostly. Overall lovely surprise and a really nice change to play a game and not know anything about it really in advance. Hope to see a new IP game from the studio instead of a Evil Within 3 next.


Game is looking neat I just hope the main gameplay loop isn't really like a Far Cry open world loop because if so that sounds boring as fuck at least to me that genre/style of game has no appeal to me.


Not a multilayer or battle royale guy but this is a bummer to hear. The game looked like a more playful and fun take on a battle royale game and I was curious to check it out in a few months.


I installed Snapchat again for the first time in a long while and I was reminded quickly why I deleted it. Man the app loves spamming you with notifactions for nearly anything including saying hey you haven't viewed this story.Other platforms much better


Huh Clone High the tv show is getting a reboot/revival for two new seasons on HBO Max.No intrest in the show but never thought that show would getting anything new so thats cool.Shame its on HBO Max and will probably die quickly regardless of its quality


I saw a few people mention it in videos but man the audio in the Persona 3 remaster is pathetic. Its so compressed and just make everything sound like shit. I don't have great hearing to begin with and I rarely notice this in a game so it is very bad


A new age of ThorHighHeels is upon us. I didn't think it was really possible for him to outright or be really negative for nearly any video game.


Thats Devil May Cry 3 HD Collection verison done. Overall its held up suprsingly pretty well in 2022/2023. Would give it around a 8/10. Main issues were 30-40% bosses were not fun and the random backtracking and puzzles gets very annoying later.


Oh damn seems the Dead Space Remake is not on EA Play although it probably will come to it in like 6 months or something if I were to guess.


Tried a small bit of Hifi Rush and man its such a visual delight and the animations look brillant. Glad that we are getting more cell shaded stylee like this and not the imo very boring visual style of games like Borderlands with what looks kinda filtery


I am enjoying Devil May Cry so far up to 3 now. I will day so far the enemies are kinda dissapointing.Visualy they are nice but so far a good chunk have been very boring to fight. The amount of different combos feels a bit small in 3.Still its pretty fun


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