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Prettt much 100% Neon White, that was really fun would probably give it a 8.5/10. I seemed to enjoy the writting/story then a good chunk of people did. The tie in of the story near the end of one of the key aspects of religion was neat.


Seeing a bit more of the Mario and Rabbids Spark of Hopes game and glad to see the whole gimmick of being able to move around in a circle freely for your turn is kinda intresting and not just a pointless gimmick that do nothing like in Dragon Quest 11.


Huh seems P5 Royal will come with all its dlc included in the base price on PC. That should be a bare minimum and there shouldn't be anywhere near as much DLC as there is for P5 Royal but it is Atlus so I am suprised they are including DLC for once.


I played a bit more of The Last Stop and thankfuly it has improved. Man though the animations especialy for movement and face animations are really bad and so much clipping. Shame one of the 3 storys in the game seems very dull. Nothing engaging really.


Ah.....I just realised now Steam shows your friends on it when you buy games and what. Well Sam and Mike know I only bought 2 games on sale in the summer sale now anyway....yep only 2.In fairness I do usualy try to go for shortish fun games of a few hours


Hey got a extra free steam code for the game Going Under if anybody wants it? Code expires the end of next month so take it now if you want. Just let me know in the comments if you want the game. Have the game on switch its a fun time!


Somebody here mentioned the game The Last Stop is leaving Gamepass soon so I have given it a try. I enjoy story heavy/narrative games even if they have little gameplay but man this game is starting off boring as fuck hoping it improves a lot later.


People seem mixed on the game but Destructoid reviewed and liked the game. Dungeon Encouters is 50% off on steam not on sale for Switch or console though. Voice of cards games are 33% off too I think but only on steam.


Never knew much of game Soul Reaver but figured it was some lesser known game but seems like it reviewed very highly for the time. Seems like because of Square Enix selling off some of their teams the Soul Reaver game has been delisted on gog/steam sadly


Been waiting for this to go on sale and it just got a 75% off sale for €3.50 on Switch and steam. Seems like a fun game, basicaly a autorunner platform game that seeems to feel more puzzley like and you basicaly play as goomba trying to beat the hero.


I know good few people here quiet liked the look of this game so this might be worth a look for some here.Looks pretty good, thing that could make or break it is how combat is.Seems like a metroidvania with a mix between combat and clue gathering kinda.


Huh I didn't know this but with the games Amazon gives away with its subscription if you download the Amazon app you can play the free games even when your subscription is gone if you use the Amazon App. Bunch of free indie games with Amazon Prime now


Just thought I would mention that I say most of the indie games I mentioned/reccomend checking out in my blog are probably on sale right now with the big steam summer sale starting now.


Double qpost but I just saw there the game HROT got its second episode today. I know at the very least me,Sam,Sweaty Dangus and anybody who got that Humble Bundle Boomer Shooter Bundle own HROT. Anyway trailer makes it seem a bit odd but fun!


It has been said before but I always hate in video games when you can make good or evil choices that doing the good thing is way easier and gives way more rewards. It should be the opposite or whats the point really imo.


Hey made my first blog there, its just a quick simple one about some cool maybe lesser known indie games I have tried out and my thoughts on them. Check it out if your intrested and want to check out some of the indie games I listed.#BUMP


What are sound effects in video games that have or do drive you mad? Sound effects so not musuc or voice acting in games.


Seems like reviews for the A.I Sonium Files sequel have started coming up. Noticed the sequel seems to have a spoiler mode option that cuts parts out of the game that spoil the orginal game. Odd thing to have, not bad or anything just a odd thing to see


Not a speedrunning guy at all but got to say quiet enjoying getting ace medals in neon white levels. How short and fast levels are probably helps that. Not going for like top 100 on leaderboard but it is nice to improve your time. Game guides you nicely


What are games that you loved that had so many secrets hidden in them? Probably for me HollowKnight, I know people who played Tunic/Fez might say those games.


I was hoping from the trailer that you could use your grapple move on the rockets fired from the rocket launcher but being able to stand on top of the rocket you fire and kinda ride it around and use freezed rockets as platforms is neat too.


I tried a little of the demo of Monster Hunter Rise, not played Monster Hunter games. Figured combat is pretty basic mash X button but seems like the weapons have quiet a bit to them and their own unique mechanics to micromanage. Its quiet neat so far.


I did find the Last of Us Part 2 just alright but this was quiet a engaging/intresting video to listen to in the background imo. Does a nice mix of giving the game credit and its issues in both a mechincaly and narrative way. Very nice channel imo.


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