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I have no familarity with Mob Psycho 100 but this does seem like a pretty sick trailer. I think Season 3 is out close to Chainsaw Man and SpyXFamily so hopefuly those two shows don't overshadow Mob Psycho if it isn't a hugely popular managa.


I found what may be the perfect managa for Gamemanic that is coming out next month online.It is called "Chieri no koi wa 8 Meter" or in English "My Childhood Friend is 8 Meters Tall" and seems like its supposed to be a rom com.


Forgot to mention this here,I saw that they made a mini 4 minute animation for the end credit song in the ainme Cyberpunk EdgeRunners. I think they call these AMV's, anyways its pretty impressive animation for a side thing.


The dtoid user SpikeyWiggedHero here said Resident Evil6 is a fun game


BoneLab the VR game is out today it seems.Its a kinda sequel to Boneworks.I don't know if we have much VR PC players here but Bonelab looks pretty neat maybe with a lot of mod support aswell as its campaign.Suprised it was revealed and launched in a week


The atual we swear this is the final final update this Labor of Love update for Terraria is out right now!Looking foward to thia for a while.Its mad that Terraria a €10 indie game has been getting content updates for 11 years now.New town slimes cute


Reccomend me some nice ainme shows of the last few years that you reccomend trying out . Perfarably ones with episodes no longer then 24 minutes long. Or don't reccomend me any shows but I would appreciate it if you do.


This gameis out today now,I showed it in my Septmember 2022 indie games blog here. While I am not a Shumo fan the game does seem fun. It is reviewing well and the visuals are very cool for a shump game.


This seems like a super nice indie game bundle for only €6. Darkwood is excellent and well worth the €6. Unexplored 2 looks really neat, call of Juraez seems like arcadey fun and deliver us to the moons is supposed to be neat enough.Anuchard looks pre


I don't know if I am being dumb but this new weapon even just visualy looks the exact same as the weapon already in Splatoon 3 no?


I tried a little of the Fortune Run demo just there on Steam and got to say super impressed with the game so far its actualy really good imo. Definely keeping me eye on it when it launches.


This was a neat video.US health care system seems like a confusing expensive mess where it would be easier to just become a doctor yourself and treat yourself with medical supplies you buy then do all this shown and explained in the video.


I just saw that its Steam Deck Time. Got my order confirmation to pay the full amount just there and I am probably going to do so if it is able to ship to Ireland. I placed my reserve near the start of August I think so thats not too bad for waiting.


Where I am working now my manager and a bunch of other higher ups were shouting and tearing into one of the people that works here.I assume because he fucks off and does no wotk most times.Still rubs me wrong way they wouldn't talk to him in private inst


Another qpost but this seems really cool.Seems like you either play as cat cop or racoon cop in a cyberpunk city hunting down a serial killer and everybody is different animals.Gameplay and visual wise it is looking pretty neat.Gives off Metal Gear vibes


.......BAZINGA hahahha so funny. I assume what happens in the video is a big refrence to The Ring movie which is neat if so. Hate this show so seeing it as a horror animation thing is neat.


Sakurai chad gamer calling out how useless mostly CGI trailers are for showing off and getting peoples intrest in trying out a video game.


Well I guess for Dino Crisis fans at least you will have this game to play if the new Dino Crisis doesn't intrest you.Looks really neat actualy.Not a fan of making graphics look pixealised bit the visual style here looks amazing imo,very atmospheric.


Don't feel too hurt Team Grub and Team Gear when we crush you into the ground. Its just a video game for fun after all and we are going to have fun destroying you so Big Mans can showcase his objective superiority to all.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS finally a release date. The Unholy Trilogy is out October 21st 2022. Been waiting for this game for a while looks intresting.


There is no Light is actualy out now. At a quick glance seems to be reviewing well.That art is sick imo at least what is shown in the trailers.Nice to see a "souls like" if you want to call it that game with a easy and hard mode option for once.


Double post but the indie game Beacon Pines is out now it seems.I highlighted this game in my September 2022 indie games blog. Seems maybe neat the game!


Oh hey Cultic will be out next month neat. Looks like a great fit for the spooky month.


Huh I know its been out for a very long time now but Diofield Chroncile is down to €43 on ps4 for a physical copy on Amazon. Splatoon 3 is down to €48 now too suprisngly. Guess I should have waited a bit to buy Splatoon 3.


I think Fire Emblem Three Houses has now unironicaly given me PTSD of tea with how much fucking tea you have in it. I have stopped drinking tea a good bit less since getting into the game. Probably for the better anyway.


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