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YESSSSSSSSSS I tried the demo for this and it was sick, really cool immersive sim like game. I reckon this will be like Gloomwood in the sense this will be in early access for a long time but its great to get news on the game.


Very nice to see Tchia has been getting very good reviews and CJ reviewed here it on Destructoid too. It will be launching to play on PS Plus and on steam. Looks like a fun game! Should be out later today.


Well my supervisor came over to me and told me EHS people checked the noise level last Wednesday where I now work and it was withing their range.I said to him then I want to book appointment with the work nurse.He kept saying no, talk to EHS person tomorr


What are some of your favourite lookong indie pixel visuals and animations for a game. I remember Iconoclasts looking really nice when I played it.


This games does look quiet neat. Not a game for me purely just because I don't like turn based rogue lites but its turns based system seems intresting. The art direction,world and basic story seem very intresting. Your killed and in hell and want revenge.


Just heard of this game and it sounds super cool. Its basicaly a isometric game heavily inspired by Resident Evil 1/2 with a timeloop for it story and whenever you aim your gun the game turns into a first person arcade shooter/light gun shooter.


I wasn't mad about The Messenger mainly from its gameplay but with Sea of Stars being set in the same world as The Messenger I am hoping the magic shopkeeper from The Messenger pops up in Sea of Stars, he was gold in The Messenger.


This game is like 5 years old but I just heard of it and it sounds very neat. Basically seems like a Shump game but as a rogue lite game where your in closed in rooms which sounds like a pretty fun idea.


Just a remindee that a 7.5/10 is a pretty good score and its not a hate7/10. This should be obvious if people could do basic maths and percentages but it seems a lot of people are lacking in that area unforuntately.


Oh damn this is real and seems to be out now, looks really cool. Shame that there is barely any arcades left and I can't see a Arcade place spending €5,000 on a kinda niche arcade game sadly as fun as it looks.


ULTRAKILLLLLLLLLL U P D A T E, that was one of the more random trailers I have seen for a indie game lol.


Man I am so annoyed, I have been trying to see/trying to quit my current factory assembly job and just go traveling or something until I start in a graduate job in that company in July. They are trying to tell me I can't do that and that I am a bad emplo


Sorry about that as suprising at it may sound I did not mean to post the same qpost 12 times back to back. I just hit submit once but I guess my internet is kinda slow, I have had that issue with messages spamming before.


Another new indie game just launched and on consoles too seems neat, basically seems like a puzzle music rhythm hybrid game sort of. I reckon its launch price with a 10% discount of $32 might turn of some though. Seems to be reviewing well so far.


The day of reckoning is upon us, the steam spring sale starts today.Good luck to everybody here and good luck to your wallets.


Pathlogic 2 is ONLY €1 now on the gaming bundle website Fanatical, thats a insanely good deal. Its a cool game from what I tried, you really can't turn down a €1 price. Link to bundle in comments.


Mortal Sin just came out in early access now, the visual style looks very cool. It's a first person dungeon crawler melee based rogue lite game and the few reviews it has so far are pretty positive!


Double post but I just saw that I think One Step form Eden the cool mixture of rogue lite, bullet hell and mega man battle network combat is getting a sequel due this year. It adds online multiplayer in a new engine with rollback netcode. Seems cool maybe


Played a bit of Vernal Edge now and it's pretty fun metroidvania! The developers were very up front with it having Devil May Cry influence. It is out now on consoles and steam with 10% launch discount I recommend checking it out.


Might I guess be seen as a hot take but as a cheapskate at heart and looking at what Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost game is I don't know I think €60 is fine personaly for it.


This indie game just came out now seems like a visual novel like story heavy game. Has got some pretty good reviews already now. I like the art style, I don't think I am intrested in trying this game soon but maybe later down the line.


I wonder with the trend of games having a last gen port having their DLC be next gen only will be the same for Elden Ring DLC. Unless the DLC adds a lot of new stuff or stuff not possible on older gen consoles I don't get why the DLC is cut for them.


Man I saw something very pathetic where for a upcoming indie game a hacker hacked the persons steam store page and listed their game as coming out tomorrow and another one threatened another developer to release their game now or they would leak their gam


You know that Zoey is a hardcore extreme game reviewer when you look up reviews for 24 Killers indie kickstarted game and her review is the only review mentioned as a critic website review on Metacritic/in general for it.It is a huge shame,pretty cool gam


Techinaly all this 8 minute unique sponosred animation shares with Dying Light 2 is that they both have zombies and Dying Light 2 is mentioned for 30 seconds at thr end. Very well done and entertaining animation.


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