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Its so odd to see them show off somw new music for the sequel when the orginal game Ion Fury is supposed to get DLC this year and there has been no real update or news on it since it was revealed.


I can't remember where I heard of this game but it seems quiet neat, its in Early Access now and seems to be updated pretty reguesly. Its a 3D platformer with third person shooting like Ratchet and Clank. THey are aiming to have a lot of levels and worlds


Huh never heard of this game before now and it was published by Capcom. It is a horror game that initaly was supposed to be a new Clockwork Tower game and is also to a degree another game made from a rejected/cancel idea for Resident Evil 4. Looks cool


Thanksgiving isn't really a thing here at all so I guess out of respect I have to be unthankful for everything now. If I was being thankful I would say I am thankful for all the cool articles,reviews the staff do here and all the energy put into them.


Oh hey also thr indie game Broforce is going to get a new content update soon with new levels and bros to play as thats quiet neat to hear. I think I remember they have teased for a while that they still had some characters they wanted to add in.


Nice to see Valheim finaly get an actual big enough content update for once


Intresting to see they are trying to do a ainme of his work again since I remember the orginal ainke by Netflix of his work wasn't thr worst thing ever but I remember it was very poorly received by fans. Hopefully this one is a improvement at least


Thats a really cool ending animation not watched the ainme or read the managa yet myself. First half seems to be making it look like a old school pixel JRPG on a old boxy CRT, cool little idea for a animation ending.


What are peoples picks for beat videogame music of a game in 2022? My picks would be Ultrakill Chapter 2,Turbo Overkill Episode 2,Triangle Stragety,Bayonetta 3,Xenoblade 3. I heard Stray has nice music too, not listened to it yet.


I guess you can see it as a early Christmass or Novemember present, I have a bunch of steam game codes if anybody wants any of them!Games are Eldest Souls,UnMeta and all games in image below.#BUMPPP Still plenty of games left now.


Man people were right the shortish chainsaw bike level fucking sucks in Turbo Overkill Episode 2. Its only a small part of the episode but the controls were just so awful got to wonder how they let that through.Hope they add a skip option for it later.


Oh wait I thought the Splinter Cell remake was never actualy officaly announced or shown off but seems I missed that annoucment.


Apparently Gearbox has bought the IP of Risk of Rain 2. RIP Risk of Rain 2 you served us well. Hoping the team make a new IP now that Risk of Rain 2 is finished. Deadbolt was a excellent game.


Hmmmmm the game looks a bit off but a open world detective sim game to me does sound quite intresting though.


Huh seems like for the Sonic Prime show they are doing a Sonic Multiverse and refrencing/bringing in sonic characters from the comics.The trailer does give the vibe this story would have been a lot more intresting to have for Froniters then current one


I saw the game awards for indie game of the year and hey Neon White is on it as it should be. Maybe it isn't all bad the Game Awards picks although it mostly is for anything not indie.


Goodbye World is out today and on Switch hoping its a neat game, looks cool!


Huh,never played this game or know much of it but hearing at the start of the trailer that the first two main characters are voiced by the voice actors for Robin and Starfire from the orginal Teen Titans Show is quite neat.Always thought Robin sounded gre


Pentiment reminded me that the next game from one of the creators of Inside is out tomorrow on Gamepass.


Pentient is out now and seems to be getting really really good reviews. Some people seem to be saying its not a game for everyone and some will hate like how some love and some hate Death Stranding. Its on Gamepass to at least try and see anyway.


@SweatyDungus, just heard of this game might intrest you. Pretty much seems like a game thats goal was to be a budget Resident Evil game. Steam user reviews seem quiet postive on ig.


Played through a good bit of Turbo Overkill Episode 2 and glad to say Episode 2 also has some really good bangers for music. New tools are really fun and they somehow made a plasma rifle really fun/unique with its alt Fire mode for once in a FPS game.


Triple post but I noticed Shadows over loathing has a Arachphobia mode option and a Arachnophilia mode option to add more spiders. Hopefully we see more Arachnophila modea in games.


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