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Huh neat that had my intrest!Wonder will it be early access like the two Subnatica games


Well that Splatoon 3 direct was pretty underwhelming. This really is more of the same or pretty much a Splatoon 2 DLC. Really thought they would do something more ambitious with the storymode then the same structure 3 times in a row now.


Thats a pretty nutty exploit at the start. Basicaly speedrunners of the new Hitman games are able to play c4 and items and launch the item half way across the map to avoid that item being serached or seen when they need it later over there.


Double post but seems this game just came out and in English. It was shown in the last Japense Nintendo Mini Direct. Looks neat enough, think it was out in Japan already a while and juat got localised now.


Oh shit they actualy made a somg for the game with the vocal lyrics of "triangle stragety" in it and it actualy sounds kinda good. Funny that they did that


Man what a atractive/nice voice for a personing voicing a video game review. I would like to listen to him read anything probably.


I would say maybe check Ganestop and the like now for PS5's if you have a intrest in getting one. I reckon I won't get this not a huge amount of PS5 games and for the quality and state of most AAA games noe €70 is a big ask. Plus no intest in game come


Oh just noticed the preorder price for Soul Hackers 2 which is out in like a few days is a bit cheaper on Amazon UK for some reason. I would be kinda curious of this game but day one story DLC nah yiu can fuck off.


I am trying to play Triangle Stragety first time on hard now. I enjoy the challenge but I have hit a road block because man holy shit the A.I for characters on your side that you protect is so fucking stupid.Lost the battle 4 times now in a row from them.


I am more suprised they had Juri do the Akira Slide refrence then her feet or her sitting on you and then using her phone. I guess the Akira slide has popped up in loads of random media by now in refrences. The No More Heros 3 one was cool.


Hey just for fun I thought I would make a simple blog saying and linking all the cool indie games dropping this month.Quiet a few cool indie games this month. Blog is up now,I'll put the highlight games for me for this month in this and blog comment.


Oh way way after launch Dragonball Fighter Z is finally getting rollback netcode. Thats nice although seems like something that should have been there at launch. I say people are right that is to test netcode for soon upcoming Fighter Z 2 sequel.


Whats your favourite bestiary in a game and why? The one added in Terraria later is kinda neat from what I remember.


I don't know how or why this game popped up for me or where I heard it from but this looks quiet neat and is out now! Its called a bullet time(as in slow motion ability involving guns shooting) 2D metroidvania.Also SkullGirls season pass %50 off now.


Got Triangle Startgety arriving in a few days why does it still have that name. Anyway wondering for people who played it here is it worth doing 4 playthroughs or is it too much repeating and people would suggest 1 normal and 1 Gold playthrough?


Played a good bit of LiveALive and quiet like it.It isn't a issue for me but I am suprised how story and dialogue heavy the game is with not much battles.The turn based battle system is quiet cool.Shame the diffculity is a joke so easy feels combat wasted


50 euro! Ah fuck off at that price if your not even really doing much on the graphics and no new graphics. The biggest new addition in this remake seems to mainly just be voice acting. Very dissapointed was curious of game but not at that price for it.


This game Project Downfall is on sale now 75% off €3.59 and leaving Early Access soon.Game seems neat so I am picking it up.People say it just seems like Hotline Miami in first person.That sounds awesome but gameplay seems very different more visuals


Hey I own this months Humble Bundle choice so I have a spare code for In Sound Mind and Plague Tales Innonence on steam let me know in comments if you want those games.All the paid DLC of cars and skins in Hot Wheels Unleashed feel it should be free to pl


Ultrakill Act 2 of 3 is dropping in 2 weeks I can't wait!The price will go up by €10 after Act 2 drops so now is a good time to get it if it intrests you.Sadly Gloomwood seems like its early access launch is delayed by 3 weeks.Most of team got Covid lat


LiveALive remake arrived for me today so going to check that out I guess. Don't really know anything about the game so hoping its not ShitAShit or something.


Played a good bit of this game and well it is pretty weird. Has a nice style and its good weird that still has entertaining writting and characters.Really heavy focus on Pizza and music in the game. Not in a bad way just unexpected that Pizza so much.


Swat 4 seems pretty cool but man the PC GOG port is shit. Had to edit the ini file and download a mod just to run it properly on normal resolution. Now it is bugged and won't unlock new missions no matter what I do. Visualy game holds up really well now


God damn it,Nickledon if your not going to do anything with your old shows or anything good then just let them stay dead. Anything is better then this.


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