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  "One of the most riveting political games I have ever played." ~ Riku First off thank you so much Terminals.io and Fellow Traveller for the opportunity to play and review this game.  This emotional diplomatic rollercoaster...



  Thank you Terminals.io and Bryden for the review copy of Metamorphosis. This is a review sponsored by Terminals.io. I wasn't paid for my opinion or point of view of this game.   Metamorphosis for the Playstation 4, Xbox O...


Our first post here is about Vigor a fun game that started on the Xbox and moved to the Switch. Hope you guys love what we had to say about it.


Vigor: Everything a shooter doesn't have

Vigor has been an interesting and addicting game for not only me, Riku, but also Sil. I don’t normally play shooter games. The most you’ll see of them from me is during one of the rewards my viewers can redeem called ShootH...


About ThePacksHuntone of us since 1:49 PM on 03.02.2021

The Pack's Hunt is a combination Duo of two content creators. We are OkamiRiku aka Riku and Silpour aka Sil. We make live content, YouTube videos, and more. All links will be down below.

Riku ~ Love's to play a wide variety of games ranging from RPG's, MMO's, Simulator's, just to name a few. She spends a lot of her time on FFXIV as well as making a variety of guides for a variety of her favorite games like FFXIV, Harvest Moon, and more. The bulk of our creations stem from her drive as a creator but more as someone who wants to help other people in hard spots of games she loves.

Sil - Lover of primarily shooters and RPG's. He will stray from these two from time to time but more or less you'll mostly see shooters like Call of Duty or RPG's like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tales series, just to name a few.

You can find us on a variety of platforms usually easily by our name.

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Jointly Discord

If you play FFXIV become A Friend of Flaw on our FFXIV discord FC Discord

We are working on a few more places for you to find us like our own website, not yet ready and more.