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Well I suppose I did learn something today. Could regret this day on a later day. So it goes.


My First Three Days with Far Cry 2

Over these three days I had enough game breaking glitches to end four or five play sessions but I persevered. If you do the same then rewards await. The game is haphazardly delightful. If you've played it you know what I mean.   D...


Think this image nicely sums up working with drives/storage in an IT job. Hope everyone is lucky enough to be enjoying a nice summers day with a beverage (or switch game) of your choice.


With Kingdom Hearts finally on PC and the third entry out in the world players are either re-invested or out of love with it. But god damn does its music transport me back to simpler and happy times. Wanted to do a writeup but words won't match the music.


Realised today I might still be mad at Life Is Strange for indenting a permanent line in my brow from extreme cringing. Didn't hate the game but it wasn't love either.


AC or Shadow of Mordor games are like a new bar in town. You go and it's looks all sleek and its a more modern feel. But the night is just ok, overdo it on their cocktail menu so the hangover is terrible but memory fades and that bar still looks cool.


My wife reads this while I play Battlefield.


My boss when he comes looking for me on my lunch break:


Tom Sawyer is in the public domain. I guess the next step is to kickstart a game based on that. First stretch goal will be to add in VR fence painting.


Me : Time to play an old fashioned ghost story with Scooby and the gang. Level 1 :


Name a game you're not proud you never finished. I'll say mine..... Brutal Legend. I'm really not proud of that one, I made it quite far and did like the game.


I'm curious about anything described as 'Too out there to ever be adapted'. It was either this or Phantom Tollbooth.


Shadow of Mordor vs Lego LotR

There was natural incentive to tumble down the Tolkien tunnel again over the last year. Given enough time reading you wish there was another medium to enjoy Middle-earth. Movies are good but the right game can be better. Until board ga...


Somehow managed to push a block into the exit in Lolo. This is why there is a suicide button.


When research for upcoming blog manages to neatly link it to your most recent blog. Fate, or how the internet helps it, is funny like that.


Was gonna make a Top Sequels list, but soon got overloaded. Here are the many that were up for consideration.


5 Games I played not quite as intended

Everyone has an uncle or relative who plays the card games with a different rule. Five of hearts cancels the Ace of hearts or Aces are lower ranking rather than high or the Queen of hearts wipes out all lesser cards. You can play free ...


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These days I'm lucky if I finish 3 games a year, so I thought maybe I'll write about my old time war stories of memory cards and arcades might gets clicks and make that time seem worth it for more than just me. One can hope.

I enjoy reading, writing and gaming and sometimes those three all happen at once.
I enjoy old books, old music, old movies and pretty much getting on like a cantankerous old man.

I have more games in my-to-play list than I have remaining years on the earth.
Enjoy reading blogs rather than writing my own so I think I'm in the right place.

If you read what I wrote about what I played, then maybe you'll play what it was I wrote about and then you'll write about what you played so then I can read it and the circle prevails.