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4 old and 4 new(ish) games I played recently

I play games, sometimes too many at once. So i mix up the era, genre and styles. An old game can make an average new game feel very fresh. An old game can stand the test of time and for all its slow pace and pixelated motions it can ca...


Me : Memory cards are a thing of the past. Steam cloud got my back. Weekend :


Low res img due to phones and events which inspired posting.


Movie night. My turn to pick one for the whole family. Movie:


Okami 2, Where are you?

I abandoned this blog post after seeing an Okami sequel was well trodden territory with both our own dephoenix and elsewhere. After some friendly and possibly bias encouragement I then decided to post it anyway and hope reading experi...


Me: Classic movies haven't aged a day. Movie:


11 Good Books I Read

Inspired by Mr. Batemans blog on reading progress: I am far to imposed by the reviews on GoodReads to throw my own into the mix so I thought I'll just make a simple list and keep it short that won't require literate analysis. This is o...


GTFT : Tengai Makyou | Far East of Eden

Part of a series of blogs called 'Give thanks for fans translations.' Okay, so some things just happen in life and you're around to witness them. Some days you're alive to see social upheaval, or present to watch Halley's comet pass ou...


Friday already? Have I anything to submit? Umm... can't go wrong with Herbie. Have a good weekend everyone.


Today I re-learned that Dragon Quest VII had a remake for the 3DS and I have missed out on something special. (DQVIII got a decent QOL cleanup too!) I then learned that a digital ios/Android/switch release is still held hostage by Nintendo. So it goes.


10 Indie Games, One Weekend, Some Words.

I bought the World Land Trust bundle. It's the first bundle I bought since 2012 when I first downloaded Steam. The bundle states: 'Buy 66 items for $4.99 Regularly ~$486 Save 98%!' So that's about 0.075 a game which means I've paid mor...


10 Games I enjoyed but may never replay

Some games have surprised me on a replay. I enjoyed Simpsons Hit and Run more the second time. To my great surprise I replayed RE: code Veronica, I somehow replayed FF13, I enjoyed a second blast through BF: Bad company 2, I'm somehow ...


Dug this out of the attic. Turns out I was playing Ubisoft games before I even knew it. I'm sure the game quality has aged as well as the title.


Won by my last bullet on what should have been my last breath.


Someone on here a few months ago reminded me that 3D Dot Game Heroes has no digital release and now the hurt won't stop.


A plea for fan translation: Nostalgia 1907

A game that is often best known for Kojima's suspected copyright infringement of it. I demand this games resurrection. Or rather I'm pleading to the great translators of the internet. This game is an early industry martyrdom or a bomb...


Just a question I swear, but who must receive a death threat for a digital release of Discworld Noir?


Was surprised to learn today that after a year+ of trying to get into shmups, with little success, Gradius 3 is delightfully well balanced and relaxing to play when compared to the carnage other titles throw at you.


12 Games Reviewed Quickly

I enjoy writing but that level of enjoyment does not always translate to quality reading. I now see that reviews take time along with thorough exploration of the content, applied with heart and effort ontop of research. Here are twelve...


Abridged via wires

Games have the potential to bring us together and since, in the present time, distance is barely an issue providing you connect by managing time zones and internet speeds, they can do it well. There was a time where me and a friend si...


About Eggsone of us since 5:31 PM on 02.07.2021

These days I'm lucky if I finish 3 games a year, so I thought maybe I'll write about my old time war stories of memory cards and arcades might gets clicks and make that time seem worth it for more than just me. One can hope.

I enjoy reading, writing and gaming and sometimes those three all happen at once.
I enjoy old books, old music, old movies and pretty much getting on like a cantankerous old man.

I have more games in my-to-play list than I have remaining years on the earth.
Enjoy reading blogs rather than writing my own so I think I'm in the right place.

If you read what I wrote about what I played, then maybe you'll play what it was I wrote about and then you'll write about what you played so then I can read it and the circle prevails.