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A few hours in and I feel comfortable putting Hi-Fi Rush on the GOTY list already. It's like playing a Clover title for the first time. Style with substance. Also Sebastian from The Evil Within cameo-ing and poking fun at his games is wonderful.


Ok so why didn't they just show the first boss for H-Fi Rush as the presentation? Motherfuckers made a giant robot fight synced to Nine Inch Nails. Been a while. Had a very tumultuous year that kept demanding all of my attention. Good now though.


If someone tells you The Matrix Ressurections is terrible you know now by 95% certainty that person is a philistine. If someone tells you The Matrix Ressurections is just fanservice you now know they never learned what subtext was in high school. Sorry.


My friend's cat died so we've been making memorial drawings for him. Mine is the bottom one.


Breath of the Wild's weapon durability is one of the best parts of that game. Sorry not sorry.


This is by far my favorite thing this year. JerryTerry coming back and absolutely killing it with this piece of experimental horror music/art. Just brilliant.


How is Eidos Montreal's Guardians of the Galaxy better at being a Telltale game than Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy? Also... This game is really detailed. Love how someone keeps leaving the fridge open no matter how many times you close it. Roomies


I live in a pocket of forest that runs through the industrial district in my town. The abandoned shipping building next door used to be ugly but is slowly being overtaken by the moss and foliage. It's transforming from something ugly into beauty.


Pixar is making a Buzz Lightyear movie aimed at older audiences? It doesn't look bad? It actually looks kind of hype? Madness.


Uuuuuh almost all of my coworkers called in this morning and I have no tasks to do so I guess I play No More Heroes III while hungover? Sounds like a plan. Man one of them had a family member die this morning.


Yo so um... That game Visage? That shits fucking terrifying. I haven't played something that scared me in years. I felt like I was a teenager in Amnesia again. Except now the game is gaslighting me. Scared and excited to keep playing.


At the risk of sounding like a chode I actually liked the Uncharted trailer? They're doing a very young Nate and Sully so the casting makes sense to me. Didn't think I'd say that as a massive fan of the series.


Total double post but I think The Medium is my fav game of the year. I found it bold and provocative and was able to connect my life to its themes, despite how simplistic it is. And that's a big thing since Metroid (Incredible) Dread is a thing this year.


My favorite album of all time is Reign of Terror by Sleigh Bells. What's yours?


I've basically heard nobody on this site talking about it, but I'm sure some of you liked it too. No Straight Roads was totally my hidden gem for 2020. If you haven't tried it give it a try. The music and culture are fire. Check out the jpop boss music.


I recently shared my Punchy here but I got him a little bottle to complete the outfit so figured another photo was needed. He deals with Nintendo nickel and diming him to play Paper Mario by succumbing to crippling alcoholism.


When you're playing hide and seek in-between drunk sex sessions and the other person gets their finger stuck in a closing door hinge while you're looking for them and cuts part of it off. I swear the last 12 hours of my life have been wild.


Metroid Cred...it Score. Fico specifically. How else does she afford the ship?


Metroid Mead For real though if they make another smash it's a crime if they don't include Raven Beak as a playable character right? Maybe... An SA-X costume for Samus while they're at it?


After watching the trailer for that new terrible looking RE movie with a sad version of the HEYA He man song I now need a Mario movie trailer with Chris Pratt fumbling through a fungal apocalypse while a sad slow version of All-Star by Smash Mouth plays.


Just wanted to give an update for the several of you playtested the alpha for my game earlier this year. I'm still working it it's just become a much larger more ambitious project. A five part x-rated cosmic horror epic. More in the comments.


I've got kind of a funny story about how I fucked over the director of the Metroid Prime games in the comments. Still embarrassed to this day.


On my second playthrough of Metroid Dread aiming for 100% on hard mode. Just sequence break'd the second boss and moving on to sequence break for more late game items. This game is fucking incredible. My only complaint is miniboss reuse. It's fatty.


I started playing Metroid Dread 4 hours ago. It is now 4 in the morning. I have not stopped. To stop or not to stop that is the question...


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