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Once upon a time, I thought this was funny.


So, Archer Maclean died in December. Europeans are probably more likely to remember him (IK+, Dropzone, Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker, Archer Maclean's Mercury, and Wheelspin).


Looking at my Steam summary for 2022. I'm not sure placing roguelites and action-roguelikes on the opposite sides of the graph makes much sense. (The top-right is tower defense, in case you don't understand Finnish.)


I don't mind pixel graphics, but when they move smoothly (in non-integer "pixel" increments), it becomes too jarring.


My present haul: two bottles of ginger beer. Which is fine for someone who has trouble cleaning away the already existing clutter.


On Friday I learned I'm a workaholic, and not just ********. To do something about that or not... let me check if I have Teams messages first.


Got my present. For myself.


While I didn't get Irem or Toaplan Evercade carts, I did get Jaleco Arcade 1, Gaelco Arcade 2, THEC64 1, Morphcat 1 and Intellivision 2. Video: SGDQ 2020 on Micro Mages (on Morphcat 1).


Pretty sure my most-played Switch games of 2022 are Gems of War, Xenoblade 3 and Dungeon Warfare. I have zero taste.


Didn't see any mentions of Angelo Badalamenti's passing away posted yet this week.


I wonder how much of the reason I play games is that I can have something do what I tell it to do. Of course, this makes sluggish/cumbersome controls and gameplay very much a no-no. Yet I said I liked Thrust-like games... hmm.


A shipment of Evercade EXP Limited Edition was stolen. What other video game -related shipments have been subject to robbery? I remember some Xbox thing, and maybe some limited edition Nintendo stuff?


I baked gingerbread cookies, but I didn't find my compass in time. And I didn't make the last piece of dough look like a massive molar.


I completely missed that GolfTopia got a 1.1 update in August. It's a golf course management sim by one person (and another doing the music), and I wrote a blog on it in March ( https://www.destructoid.com/--650591.phtml )


Yeah, I'd better not bother playing anything beyond one-deck patience on my sofa table. But at least I tried playing a game.


Heard on a Youtube video running in the background an ad saying it's a privilege and *a duty* to play GoW:R if I have a PS. Reason enough for me to never get another PS. (Got 2x PS3.)


Got the first series of Final Girl. It's still dark out there, so now is fine as well.


I have watched only half of this by now, and I'm entertaining the idea of setting myself an upper limit on hours I spend on a game. (Unless it's Xenoblade.)


Well, I bought Cleopatra Fortune on Steam, despite its price. A few thoughts... 1) I'd appreciate a longer grace period before blocks get stuck on where they landed. 2) I'd want to try to do this better. 3) The mystery mode goals are not translated.


I hear Cleopatra Fortune's Saturn port has landed on Switch. Anyone got takes if this is a solid game or not?


I watched a PBS Spacetime video that considered the chance that humans are an early spacefaring civilization. Then I asked which games have humans as Precursors or Ancients, if you will.


This week I became acquainted with Philomena Cunk. How she feels in this video is me when a specific critical thing is still broken.


My entry ranked 19/32 in MSXdev'22. Not unexpected, didn't have much time nor energy to put into this this year.


I have no clue what Marvel Snap is other than a game, but the first thing the name makes me think is playing as someone taking photos of superheroes while riding a tram.


I bought an obvious Flegmabait: Arkanoid - Eternal Battle (physical). Includes an online battle royale mode for 25 players. I gave it a shot. It was me and 24 AI players. And it also had a day-one patch ":thumbsup:"


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