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The way people have talked about the number of new horror games in space... what's the actually the first one? Alien on C64 comes to my mind as an option, but are there older ones? (Alien on Atari 2600 doesn't look like horror.)


Didn't quite turn the way I hoped.


Hmm. Deadeus (2019) is a Gameboy horror game, which is apparently also free, but I got on an Evercade cart. I'm curious to see what it can do...


I like how Sharopolis looks into technical implementation of old games (without actually going to code level). Just sharing a video in case someone interested in this doesn't know of the channel already.


Arkagis Revolution (2019) for Megadrive/Evercade

As a writing exercise, I'm trying to stick to around 500 word length reviews. Feedback on the writing would be nice. Arkagis Revolution (trailer video) is a Megadrive game from 2020 (says the Evercade menu, the title screen above say...


In case this idea of "what could X have sounded on a different platform" might be of interest to someone.


Time for the yearly harvest of a spruce fence again. Or it was -- I was a week too late.


I think it's time I changed my blog series from Fledgling retrodev to Amateur retrodev. Four years and four games might be enough to a status upgrade.


Eternal status:


Evercade 2nd anniversary stream: Okay, Toaplan and Irem Arcade collections... I'm in. The new handheld with IPS screen and TATE mode - I might pass.


I'm actually feeling the hype. Huh. I don't like this feeling.


My most anticipated console stream this summer: Evercade 2nd Anniversary. I suppose this reflects where my future in games is going.


1) I think I prefer the actual version on 3DS/Sega Ages. 2) Maybe not quite space shuttle cockpit level of buttons, but...


My greatest achievement of 2020-2022 has been to get to level 2 of Jim Power and the Lost Dimension in 3D after only tens of attempts.


In an attempt to use up the honey I got from a coworker last year, I made rather trivial honey-roasted peanuts. Thankfully I'm taking them to the office in the morning, because I've been eating too many of them.


As an MSX user, I'm a bit disappointed with Retro Annual 2021. The only MSX content is "best MSX games of the last 20 years"; I was hoping for a full MSXdev'21 coverage like the year before. Maybe I need to try contributing...


You know why.


Tool-assisted pacifist run of Nemesis on MSX. I wouldn't have thought a shmup can be finished in such way.


Today feels like a Monty Python day. First Kurzgesagt posts something that reminds me of a Monty Python song, then I pay for the privilege of reading how someone will (likely) say my game is bad in print. (That the someone is right is beside the point)


It's only Monday and I already have trouble remembering there was a weekend and what I did then.


Quick impressions on Evercade VS (and Evercade)

I caved in and got another gaming console: Evercade VS. Given that I play even Switch docked almost exclusively, I went for the non-handheld version, even if that meant not being able to play Namco's collections (they're blocked on the...


Today is a day you don't want to deal with JSON.


Estonian entry to Eurovision Song Contest this year. But is this more Italian than American?


So now I've bought two of the "same" console twice; N3DS XL, N2DS XL, Evercade VS, Evercade. I am teh dumb.


Old Tower (Retrosouls, 2018-2020 at least) is another game released on so many platforms... at least on ZX Spectrum, Megadrive, C64. I think it's the Megadrive version that is on Evercade.


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