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I don't mind pixel graphics, but when they move smoothly (in non-integer "pixel" increments), it becomes too jarring.


My present haul: two bottles of ginger beer. Which is fine for someone who has trouble cleaning away the already existing clutter.


On Friday I learned I'm a workaholic, and not just ********. To do something about that or not... let me check if I have Teams messages first.


Got my present. For myself.


While I didn't get Irem or Toaplan Evercade carts, I did get Jaleco Arcade 1, Gaelco Arcade 2, THEC64 1, Morphcat 1 and Intellivision 2. Video: SGDQ 2020 on Micro Mages (on Morphcat 1).


Pretty sure my most-played Switch games of 2022 are Gems of War, Xenoblade 3 and Dungeon Warfare. I have zero taste.


Didn't see any mentions of Angelo Badalamenti's passing away posted yet this week.


I wonder how much of the reason I play games is that I can have something do what I tell it to do. Of course, this makes sluggish/cumbersome controls and gameplay very much a no-no. Yet I said I liked Thrust-like games... hmm.


A shipment of Evercade EXP Limited Edition was stolen. What other video game -related shipments have been subject to robbery? I remember some Xbox thing, and maybe some limited edition Nintendo stuff?


I baked gingerbread cookies, but I didn't find my compass in time. And I didn't make the last piece of dough look like a massive molar.


I completely missed that GolfTopia got a 1.1 update in August. It's a golf course management sim by one person (and another doing the music), and I wrote a blog on it in March ( https://www.destructoid.com/--650591.phtml )


Yeah, I'd better not bother playing anything beyond one-deck patience on my sofa table. But at least I tried playing a game.


Heard on a Youtube video running in the background an ad saying it's a privilege and *a duty* to play GoW:R if I have a PS. Reason enough for me to never get another PS. (Got 2x PS3.)


Got the first series of Final Girl. It's still dark out there, so now is fine as well.


I have watched only half of this by now, and I'm entertaining the idea of setting myself an upper limit on hours I spend on a game. (Unless it's Xenoblade.)


Well, I bought Cleopatra Fortune on Steam, despite its price. A few thoughts... 1) I'd appreciate a longer grace period before blocks get stuck on where they landed. 2) I'd want to try to do this better. 3) The mystery mode goals are not translated.


I hear Cleopatra Fortune's Saturn port has landed on Switch. Anyone got takes if this is a solid game or not?


I watched a PBS Spacetime video that considered the chance that humans are an early spacefaring civilization. Then I asked which games have humans as Precursors or Ancients, if you will.


This week I became acquainted with Philomena Cunk. How she feels in this video is me when a specific critical thing is still broken.


My entry ranked 19/32 in MSXdev'22. Not unexpected, didn't have much time nor energy to put into this this year.


I have no clue what Marvel Snap is other than a game, but the first thing the name makes me think is playing as someone taking photos of superheroes while riding a tram.


I bought an obvious Flegmabait: Arkanoid - Eternal Battle (physical). Includes an online battle royale mode for 25 players. I gave it a shot. It was me and 24 AI players. And it also had a day-one patch ":thumbsup:"


I saw a video whose title asked if ZX Spectrum Vega+ was the worst crowdfunder in history. I'm wondering if even among gaming system crowdfunders, Intellivision Amico would have that title locked.


Made "more proper" pizza than usual (i.e., base not made of rye bread slices). Rye flour, germ flour, regular wheat flour dough, topped with bratwurst, kale, onion and pineapple.


Liking the first bonus stages in Ex Zodiac more than the main levels. Fingers crossed all-range mode makes no appearance later on...


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