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Happy to see ashens finally review Terminator. I think it could've used orange or red highlights, though.


That's five more Evercade cartridges. I'll have to see if I can find the energy to finally write a blog on Evercade VS...


Right. Guess who forgot they had created a Sony account for a PS3 with an account w/o 2FA activated...


Came for the title, stayed for the song and then the talk.


Since when has picking a series of random words been harder than saying an actual sentence with a meaning...


On one hand, I like when the creator of the thing I'm blogging about engages in the comment section (happened twice so far) -- meaning, someone noticed it. On the other, it brings to mind Game Sack's YT video on Evercade and the comments therein. Eep.


I got a box.. what a shame if I opened it and the contents were broken...


So I posted a review-ish thing on the cblog side on Golftopia. Ehh, if you're interested based on this trailer, you can find it yourself.


GolfTopia (MinMax Games, 2021)

Some years ago, I saw on Eurogamer an article that mentioned a futuristic follow-up to an earlier golf course management game. This year, I recalled that and wondered what became of it. To my surprise, it exited Early Access a year ago...


I tried making the staple of fast food stands here -- meat pies -- without deep frying and with less plain white flour in the crust. If I added the two frankfurters in there, that'd be too much for me to finish it... so, maybe a fail?


I fear Golftopia has for me the same core flaw as SimGolf did... after I've made a full 18-hole course and unlocked all parts of the map for building, what now? (I'm not quite there yet...)


MSXdev'22 entry 1: Shadow Switcher, which is a conversion of a C64 game from 2018.


I used to say it was always a pleasure to watch a professional at work, be it cleaning culverts, baking, turning wood, removing wasp nests... but then Youtube suggested me 4K video of a dentist drilling teeth.


That's another Arcade Archives title bought with little time needed to make the call.


So I have now played this type of game: WÖRD, the 2nd entry in MSXdev'22.


I admit I am a bit surprised this game didn't make any waves here when it released last year? Or maybe it wasn't considered that good...?


I have a big jar of dried horns of plenty (trumpets of the dead, black chantarelles, whatever), so this soup was an attempt to start using them.


I ordered an Evercade VS and a few game cartridges. Almost made the mistake of getting Namco collections. Not sure if I'll get Evercade cartridges or Vita cards like some were grouped...


/me after starting the Kirby demo... "What is this... is this what they call 'bright'?"


TIL cats are political animals.


What is life? A miserable pile of failures.


One of the first turret sections I ever played. I need to download it (it's freeware nowadays) and play more than just the shareware version contents.


Being tired means coming up with words like anothing.


For my final "recent homebrew games on 8-bit computers" qpost, I'll cheat and show compilations made by others. I think this qualifies as ending with a bang. ZX Spectrum and MSX videos in the comments.


My better baking experiment... bread (that I should've used different flour for) coated with a mix of olive oil, garlic and parsley. My apartment reeks of garlic now.


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