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I've been baking sourdough bread since I bought a book on baking bread in the spring. And I'm finally starting to accept the importance of choosing the right flour.


The much-maligned Mortal Kombat 1 on Switch, spotted on store shelf for 75e. I'm still happy to not play fighting games. Also on a happier note: Eurogamer's review of the game (PS5) was by a certain Chris Moyse.


It's autumn again, so it's time for me to replay Dear Esther.


Well, Bone Marrow on Genesis is the more in-depth version of 2048 that I hoped to see after one on Switch was a letdown. But it also feels rather boring after two levels.


I looked at the number of comments on FP articles. I suppose I can now start looking into creating a site for my random blogs now.


Hover cars in Horizon Chase 2 on Switch? Not liking the double nag screens about creating an Epic account every time I start up the game either.


I also finished Dysmantle on Switch. Annoying sluggishness towards the end (the higher the ground the player is on, the worse the framerate gets). The trailer isn't all truthful - the majority of the game for me was cutting and smashing trees, walls, ...


I've long ago deleted my reviewish blog on Another Code R, but in case someone cares, here's DR: 17h long, few puzzles, last (third) act felt like it was from another game, too many Wiimote gestures (not Zack&Wiki -level, though).


Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition looked better.


I never knew what American Tail was about beyond the some mouse going to presumably the USA on a boat. That the game review part couldn't go deeper to the failure here was a bit disappointing.


Fun fact: I hate people who start their comments with "fun fact" because the comments are either not fun, not facts and/or the person saying this is a smug b*****d.


Got Trine 5 on Switch. Hrm. Shadows popping in cutscenes changing camera angles... should've just got it on PC, I think. (When am I supposed to be able to start allocating skill points anyway?)


Someone somewhere didn't know of a Qix-like game on Megadrive. Can't be bothered to find out which site and who, so here's Volfied.


Tried to bake my first big (1kg) boule of sourdough bread. Not only did it lose its shape (not enough kneading? overproofed?), I also paid the price of having just one oven mitt in the house and burned my hand with the oven sheet. Lessons learned etc.


55+ hours of GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon behind me, I've beaten all difficulty levels up to Devotee (except the easiest). Kinda annoyed that there's room for at least two more difficulty level "flames", and the ending was still the same as on easier levels


Almost two years to the day (12th of August 2021), Chris Carter wrote a preview article on Earthborne Rangers (a boardgame). Today, I received my copy. No, I haven't played it yet.


The new secret game on Evercade VS (maybe EXP, too): a certain roguelike for C64. Someone mentioned it here ages ago, and I had been hoping to get to try it. I like it.


So that was Evercade indie showcase... the indie microcomputer collection (Sword of Ianna, hello!) I'm all for, not so much the others, except possibly Astebros/Asteborg dual cart.


Last day of my vacation, I'm sweating like a pig and I finally clear the final puzzle in Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S (maybe 535 nonograms if I calculated it correctly). No mistakes, no hints, 65 hours. This is what I got.


Got through Cocytus in GFD:UM and the boss on my first go at it, now to see if the Warrior difficulty level adds something new.


Spotted Getsufumaden: Undying Moon in store, and bought it. I've been playing it probably more than I should've been... most weapons unlocked, and I finally dared to go to the ancient battleground (died). Using the second difficulty level, not the easiest


The first two wheat sourdough breads I ever baked have been... mistakes I hid by eating them.


Somehow, I stumbled upon this as it was shown "live". Aftermarket games look pretty amazing.


Time to abandon my current online persona and try again from scratch. If you think you've seen me -- you ain't seen me, right?


Still chugging along on the Evercade train. Been curious about Future Wars ever after seeing a screenshot of it in an 80s magazine in the early 90s, so maybe this time I'll get to play it.


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