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Martian Panic (nFusion Interactive/Funbox Media, 2010) is a low-budget on-rails "lightgun" shooter. I don't like the sound my Wii U's drive makes when playing this... #WiiWednesdays


I suppose with the ActiBlizz acquisition there's even less chance for a "backup Mechwarrior" series to make a comeback.


That's Mini Rogue cleared for the first time, and in a co-op.


20 years ago: Pelit gaming magazine 1/2002

I have some good friends. One of them left me with two bags of old computer gaming magazines. And this gave me an idea. The bags have, as far as I can tell with a cursory glance, all issues of Pelit (translates to "games") magazine fro...


So I realized I have old computer games magazines, conveniently starting from about January 2002. But can I read an issue per month, apply hindsight and still write an interesting blog? Maybe?


Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Project ACES/Access Games/Namco Bandai, 2008) is a movie tie-in. Arcade flight sim using reverse Wiimote+Nunchuk combo. I didn't play this very far. #WiiWednesdays


Status: listening to 1998's pop.


Since people are posting GW-y stuff, I'll join in. If a clean house is a sign of life wasted, then what is a boardgame in "like new" condition? (One in picture is far from it.)


Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Capcom, 2008). Some kind of fighting game with Tatsunoko and Capcom characters. Huh, I had forgot Viewtiful Joe existed. #WiiWednesdays


Finished Steampunk Tower 2 on Switch. Not recommended. Changing the turret placement is a hassle, the inability to specify what the towers should focus fire on is also annoying, esp. in the final battle. AD-wise, too much sepia tones for me.


Fledgling retrodev: A game that never was

I recall someone saying something like that a game designer has fourteen game ideas per day, and maybe one of them is any good. This is a story of one of those thirteen ideas. I made a partial prototype and an incomplete GUI mockup, bu...


Are there any metrics for how complex a maze design is? Such as reducing a maze into a graph with all node degrees != 2 and then calculating something like how many steps it takes to reach any other node on average?


Song cover. I'm not a fan of the original (or the band's genre in general), but this style is more to my liking.


Blastworks (Budcat Creations/Majesco, 2008), based on Kenta Cho's TUMIKI Fighters. Horizontal-scrolling shmup with level and enemy editors. #WiiWednesdays


In 2020, I made a test that was to identify my character strengths (and weaknesses). Now, post-New Year's resolutions, it's rather annoying to know what those weaknesses are when they're so difficult to change.


Started ice fishing season on New Year's eve. I'll be eating a lot more of this... (the topping is a mix of European perches and pork, seasoned with just salt, and baked for hours in the oven to soften the fish bones).


My new year's resolutions from 2021 didn't fare too well. I did call old relatives more often, picked up trash now and then, but not every day. Nor did I go on a walk even close to every day. And I don't even remember the third one. So better do a repeat.


I'm waiting for the story of a conspiracy theory that 2021 didn't exist. I just don't know if the theory will actually be something people believe in.


Happy belated birthday to everyone whose b-day wasn't celebrated here this year. Except maybe if you were born on Feb 29.


So, in a few days, it'll be 2020, too?


My favourite 2021 games: Kaze and the Wild Masks, Raven, PAC-01, Mini Rogue.


Sonic and the Black Knight (Sonic Team/SEGA, 2009). Maybe from Sonic's darkest time? Not sure which genre this belongs to. #WiiWednesdays


The more videos on game design I see (such as those on Game Maker's Toolkit), the less motivated I am to make games as a hobby. There's no way I can account for even a fraction of this all.


Just curious -- when was the last time you played Pacman 99? I'm just surprised there's still enough players...


So what was that whole orb thing about?


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