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The Best Journey out of Hades You'll Ever Take

In the Greek myth of Sisyphus, the wicked king is eternally sentenced to push a boulder up a hill without pause. Every time it gets to the top, it rolls back down, and he has to start over. But what if the arduous ascent was an exhila...


About to finish up Biomutant's platinum, probably by end of the weekend. Any recommendations on a new platinum to go for? Thinking something on a medium kind of difficulty and more towards a shooter or RPG to keep me going for a little.


Started going through Heroland, if you're looking for a grind to platinum then this may be a game for you!


Heroland Review: A Unique RPG

Get Your Annual Pass and Get Ready for the Theme Park Who doesn't want to be the hero? Wel, Heroland is the place where everyone can be the hero. Young or old, human or otter, commoner or royal, absolutely everyone is welcome at the p...


I really can't decide what to rock next for gaming. I was thinking Biomutant, any community members play through it yet?


Another Platinum down, finished Risk of Rain 2 yesterday in a crazy deep run. One of my games of the year for sure!


One this I have learned over E3, is that my wallet is about to get a lot lighter... What has been your favourite drop so far?


Started 2 new games, Slay the Spire and Risk of Rain 2, both are amazing so far, look for some review blogs next week!


Shadow of War Review: Is It Worth Playing?

Is Shadow of War Worth Playing?   When you see Shadow of War cover art, it looks cool, and for a moment, it seems like it could be fun. But then you consider its price, and you start asking yourself questions about whether or not ...


Fresh Look Friday - Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble (PC, PS4, PS5)Developer: Team17Publisher: Team17Released: December 1, 2020MSRP: $14.99 (free with PS+ in December)   In years of old, I spent countless hours sending my ragtag group of Vermes into battle to ...


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