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One of the best things about most of my friends being musicians and music nerds is that I can still make Kurt Cobain jokes and get a positive reaction.


Yesterday I was at a concert with an actual audience and it felt normal. I had to climb a mountain to get there and can barely walk today which isn't normal though. Also the band was finished by 8 which is also weird to me.


The best thing about Stand-Up specials is that you know after only a few minutes if it is worth watching and if not you can just turn it off without feeling like missing something. I mean I personally do that with movies too but it feels and is wrong.


The Skyrim IRL dude was arrested for the murder of his wife and and a guy she may had an affair with. Link in comments.


Hot take follow-up: Far Cry 3 does a better job at subverting the white savior trope than the first Dune book. Dune is still the better story by a wide margin.


Reddit is the dumbest community. I just said that Dune is a white savior story (which it is) and for 4 hours some dude is angry posting at me. He isn't even saying that it isn't a white savior story he is just angry that I said so.


Had a listen to a John Hinkley song on Youtube. Fucking terrible. He is no Charles Manson that's for sure.


What's some music you love that you only know because of algorithms? #Algorythm


The last four days at work I watched the Scream movies. Loved them all except for the third which I only liked very much. How high are our hopes regarding the next one?


"Benjamin Button hosts a racism workshop" was a line said in my dreams last night. My subconscious is a comedic genius.


Fucking love it when the support site says "try clearing the cache and reinstall and whatever you can do" when the support code in reality is for a server error. Good job Nintendo.


My best score in that rhythm game is no longer for a very bad song but for a very good song.


Saw heated discussions about Squid Game English dub vs sub. so I decided to watch the German dub. Can't read subtitles while Slaying the Spire.


I just had to think for several minutes to remember the name of the current gen XBox. Is that because I am getting old or because of a combination of no one talking about the actual console ever and XBox being bad at branding?


In the most unsurprising news Johnathan Blow is talking shit about Covid being man made. I love watching him being wrong because he has so much confidence for someone who isn't paid for being wrong.


Having your best score in a rythm game on a song you can't stand feels wrong.


Just saw an ad for a casual mobile game but the ad was centered about a pregnant woman dying. The housewife gaming scene is brutal.


WTF is a sora?


Is it because I am a filthy leftist SJW or is white people cosplaying black characters cringe?


Sometimes I think I should just give up and accept the cookies.


Today marks 10 years of Dark Souls. Praise the Sun!


The bar fight scene in Jackass 3 is the best scene anyone ever came up with.


No Google, I don't want to know why the Joel McHale show was cancelled. I want to know why it was made in the first place. It's obvious why it was cancelled. The reason is right there in the title!


Correction: I finished the last Issue of The Boys before they decided to write another story 9 years later because the cash cow got reanimated.


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