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My games of the year are the mobile My Friend Pedro, and Slice & Dice. As they are the only premium games released this year that I played and liked. I think Pedro gets the number one slot because it has better music.


If you are an adult actress and do the ahegao face please walk into the ocean and stay there. Makes me feel like I have just watched someone developmentally disabled getting railed for an hour.


Undervoltage detected.


A modern classic.


I wish all of you a very disco Christmas. Hope you stay safe, healthy and happy.


I was pretty sure tomorrow is a work day for me until all my colleagues started wishing me happy holidays...


I love Superheroes, I am a fan of the MCU. I only watched Endgame this year. I have no recollection of the scene with the Captain and the Hammer. I imagine I liked it as much as I can like fanservice.


I haven't watched the game awards. Are we still calling current gen next gen?


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is free on Steam. I can't recommend it highly enough. On of my favorite FPS out there. Best way to play the campaign is to get high as a kite and play through it in one sitting, getting in the zone.


Home from work. Now the options are eating, smoking or wanking. What to do, what to do?


Idea: Falling Down - Legacy Where William Foster's daughter (now in her 40s obviously) realizes that daddy was right. This time played a tad less straight.


I too use my taste in music as a surrogate for my lack of character. Turns out I am a goth teenage girl. Chiptune as top genre only means that chiptuners don't invent a new subgenre for every song.


It doesn't feel like almost a year since I last watched Scrooged.


Also if Clive Barker could finally finish the Art trilogy they could finally make a movie out of The Great and Secret Show and I could enjoy the endless internet debate of which one is the better small town horror. The Great and Secret Show or It.


There is a scene in the It remake where I knew in which direction the kid would turn to run away from something because for some reason I remembered that detail from the book more than 15 years later. The mind is a curious thing.


Guess something has to be in the text box when you post a picture.


After almost 4 hours AM2R starts with the bullshit. Just like a real Metroid game. Stunlock me in the corner daddy!


The google assistant misunderstood me often enough to add Portuguese which I don't speak to my languages.


Developers! When you have the option to name the player character please still have a default name or a name generator or something. I hate it to go through a game thinking: "I sure hope I don't meet an important character with the same name as me."


I have never even watched The Breakfast Club but Don't You (Forget About Me) still is a triple fucking A song.


Tried to buy a game from the Play Store for 3 weeks and I got an error message with no error code. Today I finally could buy it. All this while not knowing if it would even run on my shitty phone. It does. Hooray.


Guess I should add a thank you to my last post. Thank you for suffering through my mostly overtly negative and always correct opinions about everything.


My depression (yeah, I am one of them too) hit fucking hard today, but a bit of talking about the Splinter Cell games with you guys helped tremendously. Weird how that works sometimes.


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is free on the Ubisoft store. It was great back in the day. No Idea how well it aged.


So Marvel has a character named "The Hood" that wears red, dual wields pistols and debuted 3 years before DC's Red Hood. Marvel and DC never stopped that thing where one creates a new character and the other makes their own version that is more successful


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