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Just a rumor that Dead Island 2 is in an actually decent state will be out by next year, and I'm definitely interested since the leaker is generally credible. Even with Dying Light 2 there's more than enough room for two fun zombie games.


While its a bit disappointing to hear that load times are long, its great to hear that the last gen versions of Dying Light are still pretty good and not that far off from Xbox Series S apparently.


Today I learned that apparently Netflix is releasing a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film? Doesn't look that promising like the other reboots though.


Revisiting Halo 4 on the MCC really makes me appreciate how Halo Infinite's campaign ended up. The levels in 4 are super cramped and the Promethean Knights suck so hard on Legendary, good lord


It's not really "running" GTA5/Crysis on a Game Boy, more that the guy made a Wifi card to connect display his set up with a Game Boy. Still, it's cool as balls, even if its pretty impractical.


Its not fair to compare the two games because they're so radically different in terms of genre, mood, gameplay, age...but man I'm having more playing Mario All Stars on my SNES than Days Gone on PC.


There's an article on The Verge showing how this old video is making rounds on Twitter. I agree with it 100%, I thought this was new stuff and it really shows how the "Metaverse" is basically dead in the water.


To close off 2021, I saw a dude dressed as up Darth Vader playing on his violin on the street. Hope 2022 has more cool moments like that.


2021 is such a blur for me that I can barely remember what came out. I guess if I had to give a GOTY to games that came out it'd probably go to Halo Infinite? In terms of games I played and really loved in general this year I'd give it Yakuza 7 though.


Oh shoot it's actually a white christmas where I'm at Happy Holidays, Dtoid!


If there's one thing Xbox really needs to do, it's to bring back their increased resolution program for BC. It made revisiting Red Dead 1 feel magical, brought back memories like I was playing it for the first time and how I thought it looked back then.


Still not quite sure how to feel about Halo Infinite's open world. I love it as a form of downtime, but I almost wish there were more exploration bits like Metroid Prime. Still, it's fun as hell and easily 343's best Halo game.


Still too early to comment on Halo Infinite's campaign, but having gotten to the third level I'm impressed, it looks and plays great even on Xbox One X's performance mode.


Two Great, Low-cost Gaming Upscalers

When it comes to playing retro games, I typically tend to play them on my cheap CRT more than anything. This could just boil down to me being blinded by nostalgia, but I think that some games and consoles look and play nicer on these o...


Its crazy how Christmas is so widely loved and yet there's so few games set during the holidays, like Shenmue 1, Yakuza 1/2/5, Parasite Eve, Dead Rising 4, those are the only ones I can think of.


Man, I really need to up my gamer hours on Xbone.


Annnd thats No More Heroes 3 off my backlog! Definitely seems to have suffered from dev hell, and the open world focus I think kinda hurt it with repetitive collectables/poor rewards. Still, I couldn't put it down, and was FU tough on Spicy Difficulty!


I wonder how companies decide how to price their BC OG Xbox games. You got Rockstar charging a full $20 for Manhunt, Tecmo charging $15 for DoA2U and 3, meanwhile Deep Silver and Sega charge $10 for Timesplitters 2/FU and GUNVALKYRIE.


Halo Infinite is cool, but I'm super happy that the DoA games are backwards compatible with a 4x Resolution Boost. Just a damn shame that BC cant be supported more it seems to due licensing/legal nightmares.


Halo Infinite is cool, but I'm super happy that the DoA games are backwards compatible with a 4x Resolution Boost. Just a damn shame that BC cant be supported more it seems to due licensing/legal nightmares.


Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is a fun watch, but the homoerotic subtext is crazy with balls flying everywhere. The "Scream, Queen!" documentary also makes for a great companion piece.


This whole GTA Remaster debacle has gone down far crazier than I ever thought it would. I really hope they can patch it for the people that bought it, but I think the studio is in over their heads.


GTA DE gameplay footage is finally coming out. I still think parts like Vice City look VERY rough, but at least it looks like a decent way to play the games on modern consoles. Hope the Switch port has most games on the cart tho


The new GTA Definitive Edition gifs posted on Rockstar's Giphy/Twitter look...kinda weird. I still wonder why they aren't showing proper gameplay yet either.


While it's still still sunlight out on the west coast, I'm just coming in here say that V/H/S 94 is a pretty fun found footage film and you should probably check it out if you got a Shudder account!


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