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Excited Af for heatwave the 16-17. But holy cow am I busy it's like non stop work til then. Then it's two days of raging and then yours truly is tapped out on OT 😅 love u guys hope ur weekends rad 😘


Six flags was a blast! Kids were good and rode everything. However I really regret dropping almost a band on the platinum flash passes. Park was super dead. Goliath was amazing though. Hope u guys are having a good one xoxo Jenni


I hate how ugly I am...lol that last acid experience got me feeling so down I hate it. Fucking low self esteem is a killer 💔😭


Hmmmm....I wish I had something cool to say but I don't lol. Hope u guys have a good weekend


Yeeeeah even that new drake couldn't even do it. This weekend can blow me. That said happy fathers day to all the dads on here 💯💯


On life lol this week has been nothing but Ls nothing else to do but cut on Drake and dance mf


Hmmmm...well bad news about me and my boo lol. So even at like 30 people still play high-school games and I'm just that goofy trans bitch...but real talk glad I dodged that one and didn't waste the money or time. Sky-blue dual sense added to cart ❤️


Impulse bought a ps5 so now I got em all. I'm excited to play Ghosts and ff7 ,etc 🤘🤘


Soooo....while I am excited for my upcoming Six Flags date with Dasia holy cheese why didn't anyone tell mfs how expensive flash passes and tickets are 💔💀😅


Soooo....talked more to Dasia and I made her some bruschetta and she said she would go to six flags with me. Not exactly asking her out like I wanted but progress 🤷‍♀️ and it got my lazy ass to hit the grocery store finally 😅


Blaaaaahhhhh just lost another employee to being drunk on the job. Now if u know me u know I love a party but wtf my crew is doing too much 😅😮‍💨 oh well sometimes it be like that. Hope u guys have a good weekend xoxo Jenni 😘


Cause I know it's been awhile since you've heard this awesomeness 🤘❤️🤘


I'm such a dork. I made the plan to ask Dasia out today. We flirted and it was so cute. I wrote down my number annnnd was too much of a lame to actually ask 😕😳 oh well after vacation I definitely am


Killer remix! Hope u guys like ❤️❤️


Decision time. So I didn't get the promotion I mentioned before BUT the new maintenance manager offered me 4 bucks to come back and be mechanic...should I stay and hope I get moved up or grab the bag now and try later 🤔😮‍💨


Soooo...went to the party the other day but it was dry af...also took way too much acid and Molly and lost two hours. Kind of a strange experience:/ meh. How's ur weekend been?


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