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So apparently it's welsh music day? As a new year tradition some people in Wales wander around pubs with dead horses heads, trading insults in song form with the punters. Probably our most significant impact on the world.


Happy Birthday Chris! Your positivity and niche movie references help make this site the wonderful internet haven it is!


All this talk about the new adaptation of Dune, has got me thinking. What are your favourite adaptations? Do you like them to remain faithful? Or can they be as different as Waynes World the movies, and Waynes World the games?


Certainly my favourite of the new Gojira tracks. Hopefully the new album will have a few surprises as well. #Arbitrary Metal Tuesday


Every trailer I see for this looks great. I just hope there’s more to it than constant grinding for loot.


The director of the new Resident Evil movie seems to have a genuine passion for the games. He seems to be saying all the right things, and it seems like the film is going to be based on the first 2 games. Colour me intrigued at the very least.


Did anyone here play the lovely Little Nemo on the Nes? It was always a favourite of mine (my dad surprised me with it on my birthday one year). There's currently a kickstarter for a new game based on the franchise. Hopefully it'll make its goal!


Sometimes when I meditate, and try to achieve a state of complete Zen, a pesky little ditty such as this 80s classic creeps into my head to ruin the moment.


Yikes! The Series X is like a brick when Microsoft live goes down. It wont even let me watch cartoons on Disney+


I wasn't going to post anything due to lockdown not giving a crap about how I look but everyone else is doing it and I'm totally susceptible to peer pressure #selfietoid


This weeks retro pickups, I get the feeling these will be a very mixed bag.


I'm not even 100% what #Cursedmas is, but this NSFW shindig seems like my kind of do. (In the comments)


Hey, Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving, and thanks one and all for being such a great (mostly not gross!!) community. It's quite difficult to find that online these days!


I recieved this cake from my sister today. Very late as we had the virus months ago, but apparently there was a long wait for it. Anyways the sentiment is one I very much agree with. Hope everyone is doing ok!


Its not next gen, I haven’t decided where it’s permanent home will be and it didnt even come with a scart lead. But is is fully functional and so its a good new console day for me!


I missed Caturday, and was gutted when I found out. Making up for it here is my lovely girl.


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