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https://cohost.org/beatlemaniac See y'all there


All this talk of TotK reminded me that I only ever played a few hours past the Great Plateau in BotW like 3 years ago... so I'm finally playing that and it has taken over my mind. Can't wait to play TotK in 6 years.


I've been talking about it for years... but after waited with bated breath for a big end of the 3DS eShop sale, I finally gave in sans any sale and made what I assume will be my final purchases on the 3DS eShop


Was a little bummed because with exception of Superstar Saga and Gargoyle's Quest (2 games I'd played but not beaten) - I have already played all the available GB and GBA games... except Kuru Kuru Kururin and it's pretty awesome!


Happy to see GBA on Switch. Mother 3. When


2 unrelated thoughts: 1) Just played the Lion King-esque level of DKC TF for the first time and am slightly speechless. 2) The instrumentation / soundfont of Madonna's 80s output sounds identical to music from Sega Genesis games


Doing the thing. Rest of list in comments.


Can't imagine a more generic looking year-end review. That's Paper Mario/Banjo-Kazooie; a shit-ton of Mario's Super Picross; and Earthbound Beginnings/Zero


Feel like I should make a PSA that Dunkey is having a true Donkey Kong December with a mini-retrospective. Just had a second video on Donkey Kong clones and the wonderful DK '94


Friendly critique: FP seems to have adopted the IGN model of posting 20 micro articles on every facet of a new game. It must be a successful model or else why else use it, but it's annoying when you're not interested and it's most of what's there


Pouring one out tonight for Cutie the Elephant


The best trailer Nintendo put out today


So I truly dont understand... Overwatch 2 like fully released, yes? Like it's out and it has just been released in a broken state?


Hoping for GB and GBA games today. I need something new to hang on a drip feed for.


I've started and stopped Paper Mario like 5 times in my life... but this is the first time I realized you're supposed to use your badges. Makes the game a joyous romp. Love that after a while you can't gain any more XP from weak enemies - incredible game


Anyone else a fan of bustin' out the ol' old pen n' paper to keep notes etc. while vidya gaming? Currently unnecessarily mapping out Dry-Dry Desert and generally keeping track of enemy stats in N64 Paper Mario.


Not looking to argue or explain why I'm right and you're wrong, just want to know if anyone else out there did not like the new Dune movie (note: this was my first exposure to anything Dune).


I was digging What Remains of Edith Finch... a Gone Home-style walkin sim... but then I became an owl and I said, "Oh... it's one of these kinds of games!"


If you've ever wondered, "why does Mario Odyssey have motion controls?!", Exhibit A: a small kid at my hospital only knew/had the dexterity to throw Cappy by shaking their Switch. Suddenly my least fav part of Odyssey... was still my least fav part


I'm playing OG Pokémon Snap and the requirements to unlock the next levels are more stringent than I would have imagined. I have to imagine there are kids out there who only ever played the first two levels (and also loved them to death)


Just beat Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) for first time. Thoughts in comments. Spoiler: a pleasant surprise... not quite GOTY every year


Prediction: Just as farming coins in Super Mario Odyssey was a pain before Luigi's Balloon World, some free update for Kirby will come that will give ample Rare Stones for weapon upgrades


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