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Waiting for RE4 by playing RE4. It's weird without a GC controller (the controls don't make as much sense without the octagon'd stick, a chunky trigger that aims and a big green face button that shoots), but it's still every bit as fun as it was in 2005.


2022's dumbest gamer moment, for me, was when internet commentors gave Maddy Myers shit over her criticism of Bayonetta 3's ending, only to end up trashing the game for said ending en masse one week later. So, Resident Evil 4 remake is out next week huh?


Alphadeus, welcome to the stage of hi... wait, that's not it. Oh. Happy birthday! We should be lucky to enjoy your musical talents for many more years to come!


Caught the ol' 'VID on the first week of the new semester (teaching this week on Zoom like 2020 baby). First 2 days were horrible, now I'm feeling alright but today my wife came up with symptoms. And the folks we've told all reacted with "COVID? In 2023?"


Gave Octopath 2 another shot, starting with Partitio, sworn merchent-enemy of capitalism. It did click this time, and I'm really enjoying the game a couple of hours in. It doesn't hurt that it sounds amazing and looks phenomenal on PS5.


100%-ing Metroid Prime was a bit of a grind, but in Dread it's just crazy. Between the hidden rooms and those insane shinesparks, I've got my work cut out for me.


Sorry, Octopath 2 demo. I should have known better than to choose the Samurai that fights to end all bloodshed ("maybe we're the bad guys?" yes you most probably are). Do I have the will to try another character though?


Married! TIL: a 90 minutes night sleep on your wedding day is like a 5 hours sleep on a regular day.


19 years later and still the only thing wrong with Metroid Prime is that it isn't Metroid Prime 2.


The RE4 remake is ditching the QTEs and I must be the only person in the world that's bummed about this. The knife fight scene was the coolest thing ever and I will die on this hill.


Happy birthday Panda! I hope you enjoy your year as well as this artist's rendition of you as a Tekken alt costume.


The closest I ever got to MMOs was playing Destiny 2, which is just a step or two above co-op shooters. Nothing could have prepared me for the ungodly text dump that is Final Fantasy 14. It took me a while to figure out the UI and now I'm scared.


10 hours into FF13 and it's really everything everyone ever said about it. Overall fun game but it gets so monotonous I can only enjoy it in short bursts. And what's up with Vanille's voice, in some of her lines she sounds like a muppet.


Is it normal for civil war to trend in your country? Should I be stocking up on glass bottles and cloth?


The Gears of War games don't get enough recognition for the tireless work done to feature every flavor of awful final boss fight. Truly terrible encounters, all are different yet all belong in a museum (of shit).


Instead of a traditional year's-end list, I thought I'd discuss what I disliked about the stuff I did like, and what I liked about the stuff I didn't (in the comments):


I've tried to get my partner to watch Star Wars for a long while, but turns out she knows the Cantina theme and wants it to play at our wedding. That's it, I've had it, we're watching A New Hope. Will we get to Empire? To be continued! #CurrentStatus:


This year, Christmas is rolling in just as Hannuakah's ending. No more jelly doughnuts for me, now it's your turn to get fat! Happy holidays qtoid! Also is eggnog real? I mean, it's not real, right? #LastDayofHannukahStatus:


The PS5's new 200$ Edge controller has been confirmed to have a shorter battery life than the old DualSense, and it feels like their PR only just heard about it. Sony, why are you the way that you are?


Amazon are selling Tactics Ogre Reborn for 35$. Has anyone here played the Switch version and can recommend, or are the PS/PC versions preferable?


I'm sure Calisto Protocol's DLC death animations & difficulty mode were added after the season pass was budgeted and scoped, but also that's a poor idea and whoever came up with it should find another field to be awful at. Cat and bread memes forever.


Beat Ragnarok, and I'm about as happy with it as I can be. Improved on 2018 and addressed the issues I had. Great stuff. But, I'm glad they're putting the Norse chapter to rest, design-wise the well feels dry by the end. Good thing it's not a trilogy.


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